First Update for atmail Mobile

One month after we launched atmail mobile, we are pleased to announce that we have just released a new version on the app store.On top of all the cool features that were already in the first version, this update brings many enhancements.IOS9Atmail mobile 1.1 now support the latest version of iOS.ADAPTIVE VIEWSWith this new version, [...]

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Graymail and Catch-All Aliases

We all receive too many emails and one of the major reasons for this is Graymail. As explained in this post, "Graymail is the term used to describe the email you subscribed to (website updates, newsletter, ...) but that you don't want to receive daily and may even perceive as spam." It's all the notifications like the [...]

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How to Avoid Phishing

In security, it is often said that the biggest point of failure is usually the user. No matter how secure your system is, if people are not aware of basic rules, your IT systems are at risk. One of the most common types of attacks people should know about is phishing.WHAT IS PHISHING?Phishing is a [...]

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On 29th October, we proudly released atmail 7.5.3. As usual, it is available for download on your client portal. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTSWith this update, we have included significant improvements to the handling of threaded messages in large mailboxes.Previously operations such as viewing, moving and deleting message threads could take upwards of ten minutes to complete, in sufficiently large [...]

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Scaling and High Availability

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when building a fit-for-purpose email system such as the number of mailboxes required, the performance or the cost.These factors, how they relate to each other, and their priority can all influence how the resulting architecture is integrated and used.SINGLE NODE ARCHITECTUREIn its simplest form, an email system [...]

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Migrating Email Systems

Migrating your complete email system to a new provider can be tricky. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for both your administrators and your users, here's a list of things you should consider.PREPARATIONBefore starting any migration process, it is essential that you discuss your expectations and requirements with your future email provider. For example, some [...]

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atmail Hot Fix

atmail Hot Fix is now available for download from your client portal.Version contains a minor bug fix for the atmail 7.5.3 release; specifically adding a default value in the configuration required for CardDAV and CalDAV to work as expected.For more information, please review our change log.

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Welcome atmail 7.6.0

We are pleased to announce the release of atmail 7.6 and welcome all atmail users to upgrade immediately to further enhance their email environment and experience. This release contains multiple bug fixes and improvements to core services powering SMTP, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, including improved Bayes filtering.In addition, the application of password policy for administration accounts has [...]

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atmail Hot Fix

atmail Hot Fix is now available for download from your client portal. Version contains security fixes for atmail 7.5.3 release; specifically addressing an issue where users could be exploited by simply opening an email they have received that contains maliciously crafted content. Atmail operators are urged to download and apply the update as soon [...]

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The State of Cloud Computing

Software as a service (Saas) providers have recognised the benefits of cloud-based products, including freeing clients from complex software and hardware management and reducing their TCO (total cost of ownership). Similarly, email providers have had to evolve and adapt to this new technology since most companies are looking to reduce their costs relating to hardware [...]

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