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4 tips to reduce email noise

Email is often seen as the nemesis of productivity in the workplace. But before you jump on the bandwagon and accuse email of sparking the plague, let's see if there isn't a trick or two you could use to manage your email properly and get things done!

1. Manage your graymail

Firstly, let's define what graymail is… Graymail is the term used to describe the email you subscribed to (website updates, newsletter, ...) but that you don't want to receive daily and may even perceive as spam.

The Internet of Things

internet of things

We technologists love acronyms and buzzwords. Five minutes ago you were talking about SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) or  “gamification and now it’s nearly impossible to navigate the Internet without stumbling across a blog post or article that talks about the “IoT” or the Internet of Things.


Mobile email

With more than 1.76 billion smartphone users, email had to evolve to adapt to all the devices out there. The multiplication of email apps and email clients these past few years lead to an increasing popularity of email on mobile devices making it the most popular activity on mobile.

Read our latest infographic to learn everything there is to know about mobile email.


mobile email infographic


How email works

how email works

Email is something we use everyday but how many of you would be able to explain what really happens from the moment you click "send" to the moment the recipient opens the message?

Evolution of communication

Communicating has always been essential for human beings. From the cave paintings to the latest wearable technology, we have always been looking for new ways to stay close to those who matter most. We might not know yet where the future will take us but here's a look on the long way we have already been through.




Cloud vs On-Premises

cloud vs onprem

When setting up an email service such as atmail, an administrator must choose between deploying on-premises or in the cloud. Each deployment option can differ greatly in terms of cost and responsibilities. We've developed this infographic to help you consider some of the implications of each option.