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Welcome atmail 7.6.0

atmail 7.6

We are pleased to announce the release of atmail 7.6 and welcome all atmail users to upgrade immediately to further enhance their email environment and experience. 

This release contains multiple bug fixes and improvements to core services powering SMTP, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, including improved Bayes filtering.

In addition, the application of password policy for administration accounts has been improved and SMTP port configuration options have been added to the Webadmin interface.

Atmail Hot Fix

Atmail Hot Fix is now available for download from your client portal.

Version contains security fixes for atmail 7.5.3 release; specifically addressing an issue where users could be exploited by simply opening an email they have received that contains maliciously crafted content.

Atmail operators are urged to download and apply the update as soon as possible.

The State of Cloud Computing

Software as a service (Saas) providers have recognised the benefits of cloud-based products, including freeing clients from complex software and hardware management and reducing their TCO (total cost of ownership). Similarly, email providers have had to evolve and adapt to this new technology since most companies are looking to reduce their costs relating to hardware and server expenses not to mention the IT personnel required to maintain these services.

Cloud-based solutions have become the platform of choice, favoured over the more traditional in-house client/server model.

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year


2015 was a fantastic year for atmail!

From new appointments, vast product improvements and some industry-leading customer service,  atmail is reaching new heights and ready to revolutionise email in 2016.

Read below for a summary of the last year and on behalf of all the team here at atmail, we wish you all another wonderful year.


Is email really a generation gap?

Last month, Gizmodo surveyed 3,670 people to determine how they communicate. The responses to this survey prompted Gizmodo to publish an article that simultaneously asks if, and states that, email is the new generation gap. But is it?

Atmail Hot Fix

Atmail Hot Fix is now available for download from your client portal.

Version contains a minor bug fix for the atmail 7.5.3 release; specifically adding a default value in the configuration required for CardDAV and CalDAV to work as expected.

For more information, please review our change log.