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October 9, 2017

What Do You Stand For?

Next year marks a special milestone in atmail’s history: we’ll be celebrating 20 years since we released our first product – atmail 1.0 – one of the very first commercial webmail platforms. It’s a landmark year for us and, together with the arrival of our new CEO Dave Richards, it’s brought about some self-reflection about who we are and what we stand for.

It’s been an interesting process and it’s taught us that even though we actively power 170+ million mailboxes worldwide and we’ve helped solve email hosting headaches for telecommunications and hosting service providers across every continent, we’ve spent more time focussing outwards, serving our customers, than inwards, articulating our vision and values (to help align us internally to better serve our customers).

For any business that’s busy serving customers, it’s easy to postpone the articulation of your company vision and values. Our email hosting competitors Zimbra and Icewarp, also both 20 years old next year, don’t have an articulated vision or values on their sites either. Maybe you’re in the same boat?

Over the years, we’ve assumed our team members all knew who we are and what we stood for. But recently, when we asked team members to articulate what atmail stands for, we realised we had some inconsistency and we needed to get our house in order. (Special thanks to every atmail team member who contributed ideas and feedback across intranet documents and in-person gatherings. Extra special thanks to our CEO Dave and our Director of Engineering, Brett, for driving the process.)

That said, we’re now proud to share with you our newly-articulated atmail vision and core values…


atmail Vision

To create an exceptionally integrated, personalised and secure email experience that enhances the lives of our customers.


atmail Core Values

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  1. Be authentic

    • Be who you are, be honest and trust will follow
  2. Think customer

    • Is what I am doing truly helping a real customer, in the way I would want to be helped?
    • Would I like to be at atmail customer?
    • Would I like my data treated this way?
  3. Be awesome

    • Solutions that work at the bleeding edge and make our customers go “WOW!”
  4. Zero bullshit

    • Own your work and the outcomes of it
    • Tell it like it is
    • Be solving a real problem
  5. Get it done

    • Love your work
    • Don’t get distracted
    • Make a difference


Why is it important to stand for something?

Whether you’re a new startup or an already-successful business, you need to stand for something.

You may not realise it yet (like we didn’t, until recently), that current employees will be hungry for it.

Prospective employees might select you because of it.

Savvy customers could hold you accountable to it.

And, as the saying goes…

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”



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