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From a small garage in the backyard into a multi-national company with small (single user) to large (million user installs) clients installs around the world, Atmail has grown a lot over 14 years. Starting small with bootstrapped funds has allowed Atmail to always run as a cash positive business. Staff growth has been limited by income from products sales - while hiring the best has allowed us to build an amazing product on limited resources - we've always wanted to jump ahead in the game. Over the last year Atmail has been working with Starfish Ventures in Australia to formalise an investment deal with the venture captital firm. Today we are very pleased to announce that Starfish has invested an initial $2M in Atmail. Starfish's capital commitment will allow Atmail to break-free from the bootstrap "income before expansion" limitations and delve into new opportunities with more creative freedom beyond our tight team. This increase of capital for Atmail will be invested back into our email product development and expanded global marketing. While Atmail is built on a solid, dependable core there has always been a growing list of innovative new features that the team has been wanting to develop but limited developer resources have often made this a slow process. From today we are looking for a bunch talented developers keen to push email, the internet's "killer app", to the next level. Starfish will be mentoring Atmail to help handle increased growth both in Australia, the US and the rest of the world as we seek to not only build a business where talented developers live but also to better support our client base around-the-clock. Starfish will also work with Atmail to build-up our software as a service (SaaS) offering, Atmail Cloud and make this online email offering a real challenger to hosted email services from brand names like Google and Microsoft.

On Board

Atmail welcomes John Dyson & Anthony Glennings as new members of the Atmail Board:

Headshot: John Dyson  

John Dyson has personally overseen and managed nearly 20 investments in a range of technologies and industries. John's focus for Atmail will be to formulate the management structure to prepare for an increased team size, and ensure diligence on legal aspects of the business. A founder of Starfish Ventures, he has extensive investment experience.

Headshot: Anthony Glennings  

Anthony Glenning founded Tonic Systems, which was aquired by Google in 2007, and integrated into Google Docs. Having spent over 14 years in Silicon Valley, his technical knowledge of internal systems, developer relations and making inroads into the software industry will have huge benefits for Atmail. Anthony has been part of the Starfish Ventures team since 2010.

The technology Atmail provides to the enterprise user brings value and capability for an increasingly mobile workforce. We’re looking forward to working with the team to grow their market share – the future looks great!

Anthony Glenning

Atmail welcomes Starfish's commitment and we look forward to growing together.

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