The importance of UX

User experience, especially if you operate in the tech space, is becoming increasingly important. We no longer just use technology, we live with it.

By following some basic UX rules, you can offer an enjoyable product or service, reduce frustration and increase customer retention.


User experience facts

  • Each $1 invested in UX returns up to $100.
  • 85% of users agreed that “Good user experience just makes sense”.
  • 83% say a seamless experience across all devices is very important.
  • 90% of users reported they stopped using an app due to poor performance.
  • By 2020, user experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.
  • A 10% point improvement in a company’s user experience score can translate into more than $1 billion revenue.
  • 94% of user’s first impressions are design-related.
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