Welcome atmail 7.5.2

On Thursday 17th of September, we proudly released version 7.5.2 of the atmail software.  Below, we highlight some of the shiny new things that are included in this new version. Once again, we’d like to thank customers for sharing new features and improvements that they would like to see in atmail. Your feedback is extremely important to us and we value your suggestions.



You can now collapse the left panel to maximise real estate on your webmail interface. Collapsing the left panel will ensure only icons are displayed instead of the full folder names. Simply click on the icon next to “mailboxes” to switch between alternate views. This feature is available in both two or three pane views.


To improve scalability for large installations, session data can be stored in alternative backends. Atmail 7.5.2 offers support for storing user sessions in Memcache and Redis.



System administrators can now choose between two login themes for their end users: Fresh and Grey.


Admins can now install or configure logs to use a separate database. This will improve logging performance, especially on large installations.


Thank you for your feedback on event creation. We agree that the single-click functionality could easily result in accidental event creation and have improved the user experience by changing event creation to require a double-click. From now on, to create an event in the atmail calendar, users have to double click on the desired time frame. They can then click again on the created event to add additional details.


Atmail 7.5.2 includes improved timezone support and bug fixes relating to time display in day, week and month view for scheduling events across differing timezones.


Atmail Active Sync 1.1.1 resolves a bug where users were unable to connect their services (email, calendar or contacts) using active sync if installed on an environment running PHP 5.4 or higher.

As usual, you can download atmail 7.5.2 and atmail active sync 1.1.1 from your portal account and if you want to know more about everything we included you can consult the changelog on the help center.

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