July 14, 2016

Welcome atmail 7.8


A class act in calendaring & contacts

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It’s not often you get validation of a release before it’s out, but after a recent survey we gained great insight into key areas that were common for all customers: maintain security, improve calendaring and contacts, and make ActiveSync work. So after marrying these up with our use of the latest protocols and industry recommended platforms, the result is our latest releases; atmail 7.8 and atmail Sync 2.2.10.


atmail 7.8 resolves a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Webadmin Login Page.  This vulnerability was detected and reported to us by security researcher Sean Roesner.  Thank you Sean.


Improved Contacts & Calendar

atmail 7.8 includes a significant upgrade to SabreDAV, the technology that powers CalDAV and CardDAV in our stack. As well as resolving a number of bugs, you’ll also notice a vast improvement in synchronisation across devices as well as the reliability and performance of our Calendar and Contacts interfaces in Webmail.

Please note: The upgrade to SabreDAV means that our minimum PHP version has increased to PHP Version 5.4.  Also, changes to SabreDAV’s core result in changes to DAV URI paths. Please visit our Change Log for more information.

ActiveSync Upgrade


You told us and we’ve listened. atmail Sync 2.2.10 resolves a number of bugs for ActiveSync users and greatly improves synchronisation with your compatible device.

In addition to these core improvements, atmail now officially supports CentOS 7. We have also overhauled our upgrade scripts to introduce enhancements to CRON scheduling and pre-upgrade dependency checks.

This release also introduces improved message navigation in 2-pane view and has added the option to email all members of a group from your Contacts interface in Webmail.

For a full overview of the release, please visit our Change Log, or for guides to assist you with upgrading PHP and installing atmail 7.8 please visit our Help Centre.

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