Welcome atmail Mobile


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new iOS app: atmail mobile.

With 2.04 billion smartphone owners, mobile is now the first platform for reading and using email. Thus, it is important to us to make your email experience the best it can be.


Atmail mobile is a fast, modern and intuitive app. It includes features such as:

  • unified inbox
  • global search
  • swipe gestures
  • snooze messages
  • Dropbox and Box.net attachments

and many others!

It allows you to be more efficient by quickly sorting all your messages on the go. It also supports Gmail, Yahoo and many other clients.



Atmail mobile is, for the moment, only available to atmail cloud users. We are planning on releasing it for everyone in the coming months.

We are keen on hearing everything you have to say about this app to make it even better. We are working hard to add new awesome features and to release the Android version so, stay tuned!

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