Who is atmail

Atmail pioneered one of the first commercial webmail applications built on open source technology in 1998 and has been an innovator in the email industry ever since. Leading companies turn to atmail for their email technology needs.

We are leaders in usability, flexibility, accessibility and design and we constantly strive to develop a premium platform, provide amazing support and build our vision for the future of email.

With offices in Australia and the U.S. we serve thousands of customers in over a hundred countries worldwide accounting for tens of millions of mailboxes globally—and we do it all from our HQ at Peregian Beach in sun-drenched Queensland.

We’re all about freeing the world from the old way of doing things.

Meet the management team

Tony Glenning

Chairman of the Board

Tony has loved working in the start-up space for the last 15 years or so. Firstly as a founder and advisor, and now most recently as a venture capitalist. Prior to that, Tony got his geek on as a software engineer and is passionate about helping startups be successful. In his spare time, he enjoys training and competing in triathlons and the odd round of golf.

Ben Duncan

Founder and CTO

Ben founded atmail in 1998 when he was 17. He has travelled the world working with atmail clients and around Australia in a modified 4WD mobile office. Ben has built the company organically over the years, from a handful of staff to over 30. He has a passion for technology, code, design and the environment.

Adam Jervis 

Director, Sales and Marketing

Adam is a Sales and Marketing veteran with over 20 years experience in the technology industry.  He is passionate about his family and loves travelling and the outdoors.  After an extended 2 year adventure travelling Australia, he now calls the Sunshine Coast home.  Adam's focus is on developing the atmail brand, moving into new markets and positioning the company for growth and success.  He also manages the day to day operations of the Sales and Marketing team.

Daniel Viney

Director, Product

Dan has over a decade of experience working in the ICT industry specialising in bridging the proverbial gap between business and technology. When he's not at the keyboard, Dan is an obstacle racer, gym junkie, vintage comics collector and bonsai nut.

Glen Lynden

Director, Customer Experience

Glen has travelled the world in search of nirvana and found it in the Sunshine Coast. Family man, he's passionate about football, fitness and cycling. With 18+ years IT management experience, Glen's brief is to improve the cloud and on-premise environments and to provide exemplary client service.

Deb Lyncoln

Director, Finance

Deb is an accounting and financial professional with 10+ years of experience in the software development arena. Deb is a results-focused leader committed to increasing profitability, team building, mentoring, ethics and integrity. After a 10 year stint in Melbourne, Deb has returned to the Sunshine Coast to defrost and enjoy the sun, surf, sand and outdoors.

Join us

Be a part of the adventure

When working at atmail, 'always open' has a lot of different meanings. From the open source technology that we use to our open work space, we are always open to new ideas to explore.

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland as well as trendy Santa Monica in California, atmail is the right place to be for those who are looking for both interesting work as well as exceptional surroundings.

As a 15 year old company powering millions of inboxes worldwide, atmail keeps challenging itself and likes to put innovation and new ideas first. 

We are currently recruiting! If you feel you have the right skills and experience, apply today using the Contact Us tab!

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Press and Media

They're talking about us


March 2015
"Australian startup atmail is ramping up the fight against the 100 billion spam emails sent every day."


March 2015
"Australian email provider atmail has partnered with global spam monitoring and spam blocking service, Spamhaus, to protect customers."


January 2015
"The rebrand [...] is the largest overhaul of the existing corporate image since its inception 15 years ago, in 1999"

Business Insider

December 2014
"Atmail [...] created this awesome, easy to process summary of the history of the game-changing messaging system."


November 2014
"Start-ups in Queensland have raised $37 million between 2009 and 2014. Established technology companies have raised an additional $89 million."

Sydney Morning Herald

November 2014
"Meet the man who established a multi-million dollar enterprise from a 4WD."


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+61 (7) 5357 6600


604 Arizona Ave
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