Features of our partner program

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Deployment you can tailor to every customer

Cloud based email solutions suited to partners and resellers

Deploy in the cloud – leverage our cloud environment

Why choose atmail cloud:

  • No need for existing infrastructure
  • Create multi-domain environments that are customisable and scalable
  • Sub-admin interface available
  • Data is securely stored and replicated across multiple servers and data centres and your choice of data centres

Deploy on-premises – only pay for what you need

Why choose atmail on-premises:

  • Utilise your existing infrastructure and use your administrators for first-level support
  • Tailor packages to suit customer needs; webmail only or full stack (atmail suite + mail server)
  • Leverage off the established atmail brand
  • Install on your client’s Linux server, behind their company wall
Host our email solutions suited to partners and resellers on premises
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