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Atmail understands that each business has different needs while providing everyone with a cost-effective and powerful solution. With atmail, you pay only for what you need: email server, webmail or fully featured solution, you choose and we adapt. 

On-premises or in the cloud, our deployment options allow you to control your cost with a minimum hassle. Scalable, if your company grows, your atmail email solution grows with you.

With an atmail email service, your company is what matters most. Use our white-labelling options and our powerful API to create the perfect solutions for you and your customers.

What's in it for you? You get a simple yet powerful email solution, deployed in the cloud or at your place from as little as 1USD per mailbox per year. 






webmail interface


  • Intuitive & fast IMAP webmail client: Install on your existing mail server or use ours
  • Accessible: Supports JAWS, Window Eyes and VoiceOver
  • White-labelled: upload your own logo, customise the CSS
  • Extensible: supports the atmail plugin framework, customise the system without touching the atmail core code - keeping upgrades easy!, use the bannerAds plugin to advertise your service catalog and transform your email service from a cost to a revenue stream
  • Clean User Interface Design: customise the core theme with your own CSS, multilingual support
  • Powerful search



email contacts


  • Create, manage group and share contacts
  • Synchronise seamlessly over:
    • CardDAV
    • Exchange ActiveSync
    • Atmail DavSync for Outlook
    • vCard


email calendar


  • Intuitive, fast and clean interface
  • Synchronise seamlessly over: CalDAV, Exchange ActiveSync, atmail DavSync for Outlook


email tasks


  • Create and share tasks to keep your work on track
  • Set priorities
  • Monitor progress and completion
  • Synchronise seamlessly with iOS Reminders and the atmail Calendar


email storage

file storage and sharing

  • Store your data and media files securely online
  • Access from anywhere via WebDAV
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • File Sharing via URL
  • Attach files directly to your emails


synchronisation and provisioning

synchronisation and provisioning

  • Synchronise using open standards and protocols (IMAP, CardDAV, CalDAV and WebDAV)
    • One-click setup for iOS: supports iOS Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Reminders
    • Connect to third party email clients using IMAP, CardDAV and CalDAV
    • Connect to your file directory over WebDAV
  • Or, synchronise using Exchange ActiveSync: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry


This is just a preview of what atmail has to offer. To discover our extensive offering, check our feature list.

Feature list

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Email for less than a dollar

Our aim is to provide the best email solution for you, based on what you need, and not what you don’t. There is little point paying for features and functionality if it does not suit your requirements. That’s why we offer a flexible pricing structure based on the number of mailboxes you require, with the option to add on features as you go
Mailboxes are priced from as little as: 1 USD per mailbox per year.
And, of course, we offer volume discounts. Whether you have 50 users in the cloud or millions of users hosted on your servers, you will find atmail one of the most cost-effective email solutions on the market.



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  • If you have a question regarding our pricing and how we could make it work for you, please contact our sales team.
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Email your way


on premise deployment


Install atmail in minutes; in your own environment.  Pay only for what you need, webmail only or the full turnkey solution (including the mail server). Our different licenses let you choose what best suits your needs. Based on open-source technologies, atmail can reflect your business identity.
  • Your logo
  • Your style through CSS
  • Your functionalities with our RESTful API


Do you have questions or need a hand with installation, configuration and migration? Our support is available to help you at any stage of the process.

atmail on-premises free trial




cloud deploymentATMAIL IN THE CLOUD

Enjoy atmail in seconds; management free. 

  • No hassles, always up to date, fully secure and totally private.
  • Your domains, your users, your way - let us take care of the rest.
  • One click iOS provisioning, support, calendars and address book synchronisation.
  • Clear cost model that allows you to pay as you grow.


Migration support available.

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Extend possibilities with plugins

A key strength of atmail is its flexibility and extendibility. The atmail plugin framework allows you to easily extend the platform to meet your needs or customise your user’s experience without editing any core atmail code; ensuring that it is easy to keep your system up to date!


Featured plugins


Innovative 2-factor authentication
Learn More
Your email metrics on the wall
Learn more


And many more!

Many users have already developed plugins for atmail. Discover the full list of by visiting our help centre.


Your turn to play!


Built an existing Atmail plugin or mashup? Contact us, we love to hear what our end users are building!



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Your own atmail adventure

atmail is committed to continual improvement and our upcoming features and product enhancements are designed to always improve your atmail adventure.
Thanks to the feedback we receive from customers, we have prioritised our focus in response: 
atmail webmail roadmap
  • High Availability and Modular Architecture
  • Support for CEPH storage 
  • Support for Dovecot 2
  • New Mail API
  • Role-Based Access Architecture
  • Non-Disruptive Upgrades
  • New Admin API
  • System Administration Reporting Improvements
  • Optimisation and Performance Improvements
  • CDN Support for Cloud Installs
  • Calendar Interface Improvements
  • Availability Search (Calendar)
The high-availability and modular architecture will redefine our product architecture to support massive installations and horizontal scaling of backend components, such as Dovecot. 
Our new API is based on cutting edge technology and will allow for vastly increased speed in future iterations of our product stack. 
We are reviewing our user management and permissions modelling to introduce role-based access controls. 
We are working on improving administration of the system through increased reporting tools, performance optimisation and support for non-disruptive upgrades. 
We will also work to improve the user experience within our calendar, including support for availability searching.



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