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Atmail understands that each business has different needs while providing everyone with a cost-effective and powerful solution. With atmail, you pay only for what you need: email server, webmail or fully featured solution, you choose and we adapt.

Our feature set includes:

  • webmail
  • contacts
  • calendar
  • file storage and sharing
  • tasks
  • email archiving
  • synchronisation and provisioning

On-premises or in the cloud, our deployment options allow you to control your cost with a minimum hassle. Scalable, if your company grows, your atmail email solution grows with you. With an atmail email service, your company is what matters most. Use our white-labelling options and our powerful API to create the perfect solutions for you and your customers.

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Atmail Cloud

Enjoy atmail in seconds; management free. It's hassle free, always up to date, fully secure and totally private. Just create your domains, set up your users and we'll take care of the rest. Our one-click iOS provisioning ensures that your calendars and contacts are always synchronised on all your devices. Thanks to our clear cost model, you only pay as you grow.

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atmail cloud webmail
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Atmail on-premises

Install atmail in minutes; in your own environment. Pay only for what you need, webmail only or the full turnkey solution (including the mail server). Our different licenses let you choose what best suits your needs. Based on open-source technologies, atmail can reflect your business identity with possible customisation of your logo and style through CSS and your functionalities with our RESTful API.

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Extend Possibilities

the atmail plugin framework

A key strength of atmail is its flexibility and extendibility. The atmail plugin framework allows you to easily extend the platform to meet your needs or customise your user’s experience without editing any core atmail code; ensuring that it is easy to keep your system up to date!

Featured plugins


Innovative 2-factor authentication
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Your email metrics on the wall
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Many users have already developed plugins for atmail. Discover the full list of by visiting our help centre.

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Whether you are already convinced that atmail is the solution you've been waiting for or you want to take a deeper look into either the cloud or on-premises offer, head to our free trial to experience atmail first hand. You won't even need a credit card!

And if you have questions about atmail, Life, the Universe and Everything, contact us!

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