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Hosted in the cloud or install on-premises

atmail cloud

  • No hardware or infrastructure required
  • atmail handles updates, security, backups and maintenance
  • Create unlimited domain environments that are scalable and brandable
  • atmail handles anti-spam and blacklisting

atmail on-premises

  • Utilise existing infrastructure
  • Install on your Linux server, behind your company firewall
  • Extensive white-labelling, branding and customisation options
  • Choice of webmail only or full stack (webmail + server)
  • For an additional cost atmail can provide remote support, developer customisation support and plugin development
atmail email solution is hosted in the cloud or install on-premises

Webmail only

  • Supports IE8, FF, Chrome, Safari, etc
  • Compatible with any IMAP/SMTP backend
  • PHP + API framework
  • Fully localised
  • Replacement for traditional desktop client
  • Easy to rebrand or customise

Full stack

  • Complete IMAP/POP3/SMTP server
  • Manage users via WebAdmin and API
  • Supports clustering, fall-over and high availability

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Pricing options

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atmail cloud

From $79monthly
  • Fully featured atmail in the cloud.
    For up to 50 users, pay as you grow.

atmail on-premises

From $407yearly
  • Install atmail on your
    own infrastructure.

Product features

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web-based administration

atmail delivers everything you need to manage your email requirements from multiple platform and deployment options (cloud or on-premises) to intuitive administration options.

You’ll enjoy simplified, web-based administration for your entire organisation including;

• single, web-based dashboard for easy management
• all domains and users managed centrally
• customised access levels for the administrator and sub-administrators

all from a centralised dashboard.

Intuitive user interface

Send, receive and forward email with all the features you expect and more including email thread support, assistive technologies / screen reader support, multilingual support, auto and custom filters, UTF8 support, mobile UI, connection to third party email clients, one-click iOS provisioning and synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

  • Supports IE8, FF, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Compatible with any IMAP/SMTP backend
  • PHP + API framework
  • Fully localised
  • Replacement for traditional desktop client
  • Easy to rebrand or customise


Visualise and manage your contacts efficiently using detailed contact fields that include ‘Favourite’ options, groups and distribution lists, easy search function, quick-compose icon, supported import/export formats and synchronisation with third party clients.

  • CardDAV compatible
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support (Mobile Devices)
  • LDAP support (Global Contacts)


Create, organise and share your calendars with great features like multiple views options, adding multiple calendars, colour options to identify events, setting a starting day, drag and dropping events, event notifications, mini-cal and synchronisation with third party clients.

  • CalDAV compatible
  • Native iOS support
  • Groupware for business users
  • Mobile UI included


Create tasks and organise them per priority, add or remove tasks for third party clients and synchronise with iOS reminders.

  • Add, manage/track tasks
  • Microsoft ActiveSync available as an optional extra


Access, organise and share your files, add as many custom folders as you wish, drag and drop to upload files, share files via a URL, add/remove notes or comments and rename files within the browser.

  • Access files in the browser
  • Integrated into atmail
  • Webmail
  • WebDav compatible storage
  • Multiple device compatible

API driven

Automate your email infrastructure using the atmail API

Simplify your email deployment with atmail. Manage users, domains and settings using the RESTful API, in the cloud, or on-premises.

scalability and performance to suit your business needs

Performance & scalability

Our architecture supports installation on a single server or configured into ‘shards’. Shards are separate, isolated instances tuned to support a certain number of users. Shards can be stand-alone, replicated in the same facility or even have geo-redundant back-up.

atmail provides a robust solution running on the latest enterprise level LAMP stack. You can install as a full stack, turnkey solution or on-top of your existing infrastructure (webmail-only solution).

Featured plugins

A key strength of our webmail is its flexibility and extendibility. The atmail plugin framework allows you to easily extend the platform to meet your needs or customise your user’s experience without editing any core atmail code; ensuring that it is easy to keep your system up-to-date!

Learn more
Learn more

View our full list of plugin options through our Help Desk

Mobility made easy

Your email, accessible from any browser, on any device.

atmail cloud users also benefit from access to our native app, featuring:

  • Unified inbox – the power to view all of your accounts in one, colour-coded inbox
  • One button – simplified navigation through dynamically changing actions that suit the screen you are viewing
  • Global search – find what you need, when you need it – even when you don’t know where it is! Simultaneously search every account configured within the atmail app
  • Swipe gestures – swipe left or right to easily manage your email. Customise gestures to snooze, archive, delete messages and more!
  • Snooze messages – schedule messages to reappear in your inbox when you need them
  • Attachments – add photos from your device or connect to Dropbox or to attach files to your messages
  • Supported – Yahoo, Gmail and other client support

Learn more about our native app here.

Cloud users can download the app here.

atmail is mobile compatible across multiple platforms