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atmail suite comprises version 8 of our webmail interface, an API Server, a DAV server and a native mobile app for iOS (android coming soon), representing a complete technology redesign for our webmail product. The responsive, intuitive UI has been developed to the latest standards in user-experience design and browser technology. This pairing of modern architectures and design methodologies results in an incredibly intuitive and fast email experience.

Private and secure Front-end
  • Your customers can download the atmail app from the Apple App Store (Google Play coming soon) and connect to the API server you host on-premises.
  • atmail suite has passed audit scans for hundreds of vulnerabilities and threats, including viruses, worms, cross-site request forgery and injection attacks (including the OWASP Top 10).

Modular, scalable
& low resource footprint

  • Modular design allows scaling the front-end and API independently
  • Supports software load balancing with nginx and haproxy.
  •  A single page app (SPA) providing a desktop-like application experience
  • Utilises client-side processing to further reduce server load
  • Web server needs only to serve static files
  • Analytics tracking.


  • Highly performant compiled binary (Golang) – no code interpretation
  • Extensive configuration options
  • True API server only returning JSON data
  • Takes advantage of your investment in IMAP infrastructure
Fully featured business email delivered in the cloud
Fully featured business email delivered in the cloud

atmail mail server


Our mail server redefines the delivery of atmail’s core services providing a highly modular and scalable solution for mass installations, leveraging an automation engine to increase the ease and simplicity of the deployment and configuration of IMAP, SMTP, ManageSieve, Monitoring, AV and AS servers on demand.

When paired with atmail suite, the full stack allows for incredibly easy domain management (users, settings, groups, domains, aliases and branding per domain).

Please Note: The atmail DAV server is an optional plugin for either atmail suite or atmail mail server. If deployed, it is deployed with either product but not both.

atmail cloud

Alternatively, you can subscribe to atmail cloud, where our experienced technical team hosts and manages atmail suite and mail server for you. Leverage best-of-breed technologies and our specialist expertise to simplify your email management, so you can focus on your business and not your infrastructure.

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Fully featured business email delivered in the cloud

Pricing options

atmail cloud

From $20USD, monthly*
  • *For up to 10 users.
    Pay less per user as you grow.

atmail on-premises

From $407 USD, yearly
  • Install atmail on your
    own infrastructure.

Desktop notifications


Receive native desktop notifications with supported operating systems and browsers.

Desktop notifications

Live updating & synchronisation

With atmail suite, your inbox, calendars and contacts synchronise and update in real-time, across all your devices. The way it should be.

Advanced analytics

atmail suite supports Google Analytics, providing a deep insight into anonymised data about how your customers use the system. Learn what browsers, devices and operating systems you need to support. See which features your users use, and identify opportunities to add value and improve your service. Supports realtime event tracking.

Advance analytics for email atmail
Multiple locale

Multiple locale support

atmail suite supports multiple languages “out of the box”, all professionally translated by accredited members of the American Translators Association.

  • English (UK/AU)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Italian

API driven

Automate your email infrastructure using the atmail API

atmail suite API server is written in Golang, the latest high performance server technology. Featuring extensive configuration options and only returning JSON data, our API runs on a true API server, taking advantage of your existing investment in IMAP infrastructure.

sample api code