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Atmail 7 provides a feature rich, web-based communication solution designed with the experience of the end-user in mind. 
Atmail can be deployed as a full stack turnkey solution or on-top of your existing infrastructure (webmail-only solution). 
Created using the latest in application layer technology, atmail provides a robust solution running on the latest enterprise level LAMP stack
Atmail is designed for expansion and growth. The current architecture supports roll out in “shards” - separate, isolated instances tuned to support a certain number of users.  Shards can be stand-alone, replicated in the same facility or to utilise geo-redundant back-up. 
At the atmail core application is the heart of our communication solution, providing all services required for a messaging platform. 
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Mid-2015, atmail will release a de-coupled, high-availability and modular architecture. The new architecture is designed for mass-installs within cloud environments, supporting horizontal scaling of backend and application components. 
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Keep your email safe

atmail takes your security very seriously. 

The atmail product has inbuilt filtering and validation controls against all user input. We also safeguard against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery exploits and SQL injection.
Our product passed a stringent audit from one of Japan’s leading security firms. Atmail was audited for vulnerabilities relating to:
  • Server operating system commands
  • Hidden file exploits
  • Session ID handling vulnerabilities
  • Misappropriation of user data through parameter falsification
  • Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities (XSS)
  • Cross-site Request Forgery vulnerabilities (CSRF)
  • SQL Injection attacks. 


The battle against spam is endless, but atmail has got you covered. 
Spam is a key concern for service providers and we care about the impact that spam has on you and your customers.
Our team works continuously to improve our anti-spam solutions. Our included anti-spam engine automatically updates daily - ensuring that your filtering and protection is always up-to-date. This includes updates of both the rulesets that are used to filter spam and addition of any new rules that have been added in response to spam detected in email globally.
Additionally, we have partnered with Spamhaus to provide the full anti-spam datafeed service. 

Security disclosure

If you have found or suspect a security vulnerability within atmail, please report it to us as soon as possible.
The security disclosure page also contains the sign-up form for our security newsletter. 
Follow our blog for information relating to general security vulnerabilities, such as FREAK and Heartbleed.
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email your way

Atmail is white-labelled and you can quickly and easily upload your branding images / logos via the WebAdmin interface.  Additionally, users can choose from five different colour palettes within the interface.
Here are some examples of what customers can do with our interface. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
A key strength of atmail is its flexibility and extendibility. The atmail plugin framework allows you to easily extend the platform to meet your needs or customise your user’s experience without editing any core atmail code; ensuring that it is easy to keep your system up to date!
Our help centre has detailed instructions on how to create your own plugins and has a list of available plugins
If you’ve built a plugin or a mashup, let us know!


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With you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on keeping the installation, customisation and management of atmail as simple as possible, but if you need a helping hand our professional services team have got your back!  
Atmail offers professional services for installation, upgrade, migration, customisation, integration, extension and environment management. Need help with something that isn’t covered in that list? We can help with that too!
Our support team is also available to answer any question you might have!


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Happy customers say it best


"It was a great opportunity for Optus and atmail to work together to enhance customer experience for the WebMail. I have been impressed with the delivery of your commitments on time and your swift actions. It has been my pleasure to work with such a great team of AtMail. Please extend my big thanks to all your team members."
Scott Park - Optus, Project Manager – PEI Technical Delivery


"Atmail gives us the flexibility to offer our customers truly business-class email."
Sara Hicks - Media Temple Product Manager


"20.000+ customers - In atmail I absolutely love the fact that everything is in Zend Framework. So main selling factor for us is: being able to integrate our own email API's into the webmail."
Thijs Feryn - Combell Evangelist


"We are an Australian-operated hosting company and accredited AUDA registrar and we are quite impressed with what atmail can do. It's flexible, has decent plugin support and it can be customised to suit our environment."
Adi Pircalabu - Discount Domain Name Services Pty Ltd, a Total Internet Company


"I love the atmail system. Currently I would like to sign up for the Cloud mail system for 5 and pay monthly. In the near future I look forward to developing an extension for it."
Francisco Pinochet - Fastcomcorp, LLC


"I'm hooked, and I like what I see, I’m getting the rest of my company on board. We are system integrators, and one of our major requests are custom e-mail servers, and atmail's web interface fits our custom solutions perfectly"
Adrian Goll - Nimium d.o.o.


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