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Why atmail?

We believe innovation isn’t a noun but a verb - we pioneered one of the first commercial webmail applications in 1998 and have been an innovator in the email industry ever since.

Industry-leading companies turn to us for their email needs because we offer an alternative to the major players like Microsoft and Google. For our customers who value data privacy, this distinction is very important.

For a comprehensive email solution, perfect for ISPs, web-hosts, education, enterprise, atmail is the perfect fit. Built from the ground up, it is a robust and lightweight email gateway that has been deployed to millions of mailboxes worldwide for over 15 years. It has full browser based admin to give you complete control.


What is it you want in an email solution, that atmail can provide?

  • A powerful API built on open source technology
  • Flexibility to integrate with your existing systems
  • Low cost, but that can also generate you revenue


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We pride ourselves on developing a premium email platform and providing amazing support, while building our vision for the future of email.

We are a truly global company with customers in over 150 countries, with atmail deployed in 18 different languages. Our team is made up of 11 different nationalities speaking 12 different languages - based at our Global HQ, Peregian Beach, Queensland Australia, and our US office in Santa Monica, California.

Let’s face it, business can sometimes be boring. Not with atmail. We can do serious business with you, but we can also do serious fun!

And we put the power in YOUR hands. Why atmail? That’s why.

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atmail for service providers


Transform webmail from a cost into a revenue stream

What turns an ordinary webmail interface into a value-added service?
  • The ability to promote your products to your customers (onsell/upsell through advertising)
  • Your own branding
  • Webmail that integrates with your existing systems
  • Webmail that you can fully host or have managed for you in the cloud
  • API access to give your developers the control
  • Industry-leading spam control


This is atmail. Webmail that just works. For you… and your customers.


Service Providers all around the world are already making the most of atmail:
  • Pop.co
  • M:TEL
  • TrustPower
  • M2 Telecommunications
  • Cybernet
  • Worldsoft A.G
  • Swishmail.com
  • Global Mobile Network
  • City Network Hosting
  • Inter.net
  • Woosh Wireless
  • Imagetech Tecnologica
  • iiNet
  • TPG
  • Optus
  • Southern Phone
  • Dodo
  • And many more


Atmail integrates seamlessly with your portal. It delivers full branding and advertising integration and allows you to add value to your service offerings by providing a modern webmail service that can win customers, increase your revenue streams and boost your bottom line.
  • Reliable webmail with a 99.99% SLA
  • Competitive licensing
  • Proven scalability to millions of users
  • White-label - complete branding capabilities
  • Extensive list of reference customers
  • Atmail ships with the full source code and is based on popular open standards. 
    • PHP, CSS and MySQL to make Atmail your own
    • Modify, integrate and develop the solution your way
    • Customisation services available
  • Mass-mailing functionality
  • Fully supports leading advertising platforms
For more information, send us an enquiry today.


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Business critical email services for small and medium enterprises should be secure, low maintenance and financially attractive. A robust email solution for corporations is essential to reduce business risk associated with data privacy, systems security, service uptime and access. 
Atmail email solutions for enterprise offers:
  • Custom branding 
  • Migration assistance from existing systems to new atmail
  • Access to complete online, telephone and email Support
  • Options to upgrade to Premium Account Management with exclusive access to a singular atmail representative
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems
  • Grow your own atmail solution using our RESTful API.
Millions of people around the world use atmail everyday and don't even know it. Reinforce and build on your brand with our white-labelling capacities.
Data security is increasingly important in our online world. By taking advantage of an email service like atmail you have complete control of your data security which may not be possible with other email providers.
Atmail for enterprise is perfect for franchises, education institutes, government, health services and any business that needs a reliable, customisable and low maintenance email solution. 
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Extensible platform

A key strength of atmail is its flexibility and extendibility. The atmail plugin framework allows you to easily extend the platform to meet your needs or customise your user’s experience without editing any core atmail code; ensuring that it is easy to keep your system up to date!

Atmail Third Party Plugins


Need a hand building plugins?


Built an existing Atmail plugin or mashup? Contact us, we love to hear what our end users are building!


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Happy customers say it best

"It was a great opportunity for Optus and atmail to work together to enhance customer experience for the WebMail. I have been impressed with the delivery of your commitments on time and your swift actions. It has been my pleasure to work with such a great team of AtMail. Please extend my big thanks to all your team members."
Scott Park - Optus, Project Manager – PEI Technical Delivery

"Atmail gives us the flexibility to offer our customers truly business-class email."
Sara Hicks - Media Temple Product Manager

"20.000+ customers - In atmail I absolutely love the fact that everything is in Zend Framework. So main selling factor for us is: being able to integrate our own email API's into the webmail."
Thijs Feryn - Combell Evangelist

"We are an Australian-operated hosting company and accredited AUDA registrar and we are quite impressed with what atmail can do. It's flexible, has decent plugin support and it can be customised to suit our environment."
Adi Pircalabu - Discount Domain Name Services Pty Ltd, a Total Internet Company

"I love the atmail system. Currently I would like to sign up for the Cloud mail system for 5 and pay monthly. In the near future I look forward to developing an extension for it."
Francisco Pinochet - Fastcomcorp, LLC

"I'm hooked, and I like what I see, I’m getting the rest of my company on board. We are system integrators, and one of our major requests are custom e-mail servers, and atmail's web interface fits our custom solutions perfectly"
Adrian Goll - Nimium d.o.o.

"I have installed the server edition of your product and have been impressed! Having looked at various email platforms, yours is certainly the easiest/smoothest to get going, I like the interface of Webmail."
Philip Smithers

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