There are two paths to consumer email success. Decrease your costs to zero or increase revenue above operational costs.

Learn about our pathways to commercial email success.



If email is not your core business, let us move it to the cloud and operate it for you. That way, your team can focus on the success of your core business, while our team can worry about your email platform maintenance and spam control. In addition to a world-class user experience, our secure SaaS solution, developed and operated using ISO 27001 certified processes, offers an inclusive experience with full A and AA compliance to the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.

With more than 25 years of global email expertise and a history of running secure and reliable cloud email platforms in multiple regions, you can trust us to deliver email for you.



Save time

Focus on core business, instead
of in-house email maintenance.

Scale faster

Skyrocket your email capability
as your business grows.

Cut costs

Remove your email costs with our
commercialized cloud solution.

Retain mindshare

Keep your brand up front,
with our full white labelling.

Assume reliability

Trust in our proven 99.99% uptime
and stability across multiple regions.

Prioritise security

Protect your emails with our market-
leading email protection services.

Safeguard privacy

Create safe email options for your
customers and their families.

Be strategic

Lead your company’s pro-cloud
vision, with hosted email.

Boost expertise

Escape the talent shortage and tap
into our 25+ years of email expertise.

UX Highlights

  • White labelled
  • Accessible and fully featured
  • Real time sync
  • Lazy loading
  • Device responsive UI
  • One-click archiving
  • Language support
  • Multiple account integration

Helpful guides

Accelerating telco email
services in the cloud

Many telcos run their customer email services on-premises. Moving these to the cloud can help grow your platform faster, more securely, and more cost effectively.


The business case for
moving email to cloud

This business case presents eight reasons to move your email platform to the cloud. It also busts a series of cloud adoption myths and includes a handy Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) table.


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