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What's next for messaging

future messaging

For most people "140 character limit" immediately makes them think of Twitter limitations, but there was a time when it was also the limit for the only phone-to-phone text messaging system, SMS.

With the spread of smartphone devices, communication has gone from being about text, to photos and videos. All of that adds a bit of fun to our communication while helping us transmit our emotions and avoid misinterpretation. Some companies now hope to take this several steps further and potentially revolutionise our lives.


5 surprising email facts

surprising email facts
Email was invented even before the Internet, the content of the very first email is unknown, the first free email services were Hotmail and Rocketmail and other surprising email facts.

Why email is not going away

email not going away
Email has been around for almost 50 years now and is the most popular activity on the Internet. Social media promised to kill email, but there is still three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. Even Slack's founder Stewart Butterfield admits that his app, as successful as it is, is not going to replace email altogether. Here's why he is right.

Worldwide Internet Access

world internet access
The Internet is estimated to account for more than 3% of GDP in most economies; and initiatives, such as the Facebook-mentored, strive to ensure that the right infrastructure and data costs are in place to enable Internet access for everyone. However, with current pricing, infrastructure, broadband speeds, social and political censorship, we are far from having universally equal Internet access.

Email etiquette in the workplace

email etiquette
How you behave in the workplace is often different to how you behave away from work; email follows the same rule. If you want to remain professional and not offend anyone, this infographic outlining the basic rules of email etiquette is for you.

Two-factor authentication

When we think about protecting a device or an account, a password is often the first thing that comes to mind even though it is actually not that secure. Most of, if not all, passwords can be hacked. To date, no single-factor solution has proven to be 100% effective.