Telcos and service providers cannot afford downtime on their customer email platforms. That's why atmail offers stable, secure and reliable email solutions, with 24/7/365* support, as well as three availability zones on our AWS cloud platforms. Everything you need for confidence and peace of mind.


Need an email system that can scale quickly as you grow? atmail offers a complete email solution with scalability, multitenancy and class of service. If your business is outgrowing your current email solution, we can help. Talk to us today and experience the difference.


The best way to understand and solve your email hosting challenges is to talk to you directly, and often. We don't like cookie-cutter solutions through third parties. To stay innovative and agile, we prefer to openly collaborate with your team to create right-fit solutions for your business.

Telco focused

With 20 years of experience serving telcos and service providers, we know our lane and stay in it. We don't try to be everything to everyone. If you're looking for experts who understand the challenges of telco email platforms (and how to grow your email platform), you've come to the right place.

Modern and user friendly

Our modern webmail interface offers a breath of fresh air for providers still using tired and outdated email platforms. Built on the same technologies as Facebook and Google, our intuitive solutions deliver a superior experience for your customers and admins.

Experts in email migration

Large email migrations can be complex undertakings. In the wrong hands, they present the risk of information loss, security breaches, frustrated customers and reputation damage. In our hands, you can sleep soundly at night, thanks to our careful planning and commitment to no loss of data.


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