Together with our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) Atmail is helping Telcos and ISPs migrate large email workloads to the cloud to realise the benefits of what we like to call the 3rd wave of email.

We are proud to be listed on the AWS Marketplace, be a member of the AWS partner network and recognised as a validated ISV accelerate partner. You know you will be in good hands with Atmail.


As an ISV accelerate partner we uphold the best AWS practices to ensure our customers are receiving the best and most current benefits from the AWS cloud. This includes leveraging services like Amazon Route 53 to enable DNS services to help our customers commercialise their email investment and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to reduce storage cost to a minimum.


We’ve united a world-leading cloud platform from AWS with Atmail’s skilled engineering team and combined it with over 2 decades of software development from our global customer base to bring together a white label, global, scalable, secure carrier grade commercial email platform for everyone. From small upstart ISPs to the biggest and most well established tier one telco’s, together with AWS we truly have a service for everyone.


Accelerate your cloud transformation by moving your on-premises email workload to Atmail. We offer flexible consumption and pricing models directly from the AWS Marketplace so you can scale up (or down) as your business requires.


Email is still the number one digital identity anchor of the internet and is not going away any time soon. If you are looking to innovate and offer something more than just email, contacts
and calendar or you are investigating how to cleverly commercialise (no, we are not just talking about shoving advertising in front of your webmail customers) your email platform rather than viewing it year after year as a cost center, we have the answers.

Reach out for a chat with one of our team to learn about how the 3rd wave of email can transform your customer engagement.