Email Help Centre

Make your job easier with simple,
how-to videos for your customers.

Make your job easier

If you make email easier for your customers, they’ll make your job easier in return. But rather than create how-to resources from scratch, why not let us create them for you? Our team can save you time and hassle by creating an Email Help Centre that is user-friendly and completely white labelled for your brand.


  • Less time needed to resolve enquiries
  • Less calls to your Support Team
  • Less stress on your team members
  • Faster deployment of help assets

How-to videos

We can create how-to videos on the topics you value most. Your custom-made video centre will be full of invaluable tips and how-to videos that are perfect for customers wanting quicker answers – as well as Support Teams wanting happier customers.

Popular video topics

  • Logging in
  • Attaching files
  • Keeping your account secure
  • Sending and managing email
  • Adding tasks
  • Changing your password
  • Creating and using folders
  • Third-party accounts
  • Managing spam
  • Adding Contacts
  • Email signatures
  • Using in-app help
  • Adding Contacts
  • Email signatures
  • Using in-app help
  • Calendar views, plus creating and editing events
  • Email forwarding
  • 2FA