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Customer experience

Atmail Cloud. Atmail Suite.

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Features Advantages Benefits
Modern interface based on the latest design standards that fully meets WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA. An attractive and intuitive design, compatible with all devices, for all users. An improved and inclusive user experience in an interface that your users already know how to drive.
Fully featured. Email, contacts, tasks, calendars and files in one place. Highly convenient for customers.
White labelled per domain. Easily update your logo and colours. Keep your brand front-of-mind.
Responsive UI. Access accounts anytime, on any device. Seamless, on-demand experience.
Multiple accounts. Enable Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and other IMAP email accounts. Attach from, or save attachments to, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Keep customers loyal to your experience.
Live updating and synchronisation. All elements updated and synced in real time across all your devices and third-party applications. Customers are not frustrated by sync delays.
One-click archiving. Send emails to the archive quickly. Quickly achieve "inbox zero".
Multiple languages, translated by humans not bots. Higher quality translations because humans understand language nuances. An interface that makes sense in multiple languages.
Lazy loading. Emails and contacts load on demand as you scroll. Fast and responsive load time, with a user experience your customers expect and enjoy.

Admin experience

Atmail Cloud. Atmail Suite. Atmail Mail Server*

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Features Advantages Benefits
Fully documented and open admin API. Easily integrate with other business systems to provision and monetise users and domains. Save money on integration costs with other business systems.
Fully featured admin UI. All aspects of the configuration and API are in one place. Simple to administer.
Customisable RBAC model. Create admin roles and permissions in the admin UI. You have control over who can do what and when.
Analytics tracking. Track when, where, how and on what device a user interacts with your system. Learn how to best serve users (and best lower your costs based on usage patterns).
Developed on open protocols. Compatible with any IMAP, POP or DAV-based third party application. End-users can use the apps they prefer.
Componetised development (React). Easier to test and improve specific components. An agile system which we can adapt more quickly.
Highly performant complied binary (Golang). No interpreted code and a lower resource footprint. Increased speed and descreased costs.
JMAP Proxy. Provides aggregate data from many different services and protocols, in a consistent and clearly defined API. Help us to scale our mail client as you scale.

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