Why Atmail?

12 reasons to choose atmail for your white label email hosting.

1. We help you save money

We understand that budgets can be tight, so we offer generous free trials plus flexible pricing to suit your consumer/SME packages and OPEX/CAPEX needs.

2. We help you generate profits

We are experts in monetisation (subscription-based pricing, email upsells, advertising options and more) and can share industry pricing data and best practice examples from nearly 400 providers worldwide.

3. We focus on security

Security by design is a fundamental principle in our engineering process. We partner with the best in the industry to ensure the highest standards of infrastructure security in all of our data centres. Your data is encrypted, and we engage external industry leaders to run strict security audits against our product and procedures. Our operations of cloud email services (including development and support) are ISO 27001 certified.

4. We safeguard your privacy

Responsible consumers are looking for providers who can offer a greater level of online safety and privacy than the industry giants. Parents in particular, are looking to better protect their children via safe email packages for families. We value the privacy of your customers and work with you to present safe options.

5. We care about user experience (UX)

We know that 86 percent of customers will pay more for a better experience*, so we create inclusive modern webmail interfaces that your end customers will love.

6. We enable you to grow

No need to switch platforms or run multiple email platforms again. Our product infrastructure, cloud solutions and flexible pricing enable you to consolidate your email platforms into one true multitenant solution, and scale seamlessly as your business grows.

7. You keep brand mindshare

We believe that your brand (not ours, Microsoft’s or Google’s) should be front and centre. So, we make it easy for you to white label our solutions to retain brand mindshare and customer engagement.

8. You can trust our reliability

With 20+ years of email solutions expertise represented in our world-class, high availability architecture, we are trusted by some of the world’s most well-known telcos to deliver stable and secure email platforms. We power more than 170 million mailboxes across more than 90 countries.

9. You tailor your support

Our global team of highly skilled support engineers are committed to your success. We offer a variety of support options to suit your specific needs, including 24/7/365 phone support for critical impact issues.

10. You can tap into our migration expertise

We have successfully migrated many large email platforms (including calendars, contacts, tasks, email rules and personal settings). We promise no loss of data and no budget blowouts.

11. You are invited to deal with us directly

We invite you to deal directly with our decision makers, innovators and technical experts, so that we can work together to nurture a long-term and prosperous relationship.

12. You can influence our product roadmap

We are an agile, receptive, and transparent partner. We genuinely welcome your ideas and encourage you to be part of our continual improvement process.