“It was a great opportunity for Optus and atmail to work together to ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE for webmail. I have been impressed with the delivery of your commitments on time and your SWIFT ACTIONS. It has been my PLEASURE to work with the great team at atmail. Please extend my big thanks to all your team.”

Scott Park, Project Manager – PEI Technical Delivery, Optus

“Working with the atmail team has been a TRUE PLEASURE for DreamHost.  They UNDERSTOOD OUR NEEDS and worked closely with us to deliver an INCREDIBLE EMAIL SOLUTION for our rapidly-growing customer base.  We can’t say enough good things about their product and their talented team.”

Micah Sachs, VP Systems Engineering, DreamHost

Sean M – August 2017
“Dominic went above and beyond to get me answers to my questions. He is the reason you will have a new customer.”
Kevin G – July 2016
“Your team is by far the best ISP for response times and quality of responses compared to any other postmasters I deal with. Thank you!!”
Cortney S – December 2016
“Had an unusual request – Glen jumped on it and helped right away. Excellent.”
Stephen F – April 2017
“Support offered by Nathan was fantastic, thanks a million.”
Brian – February 2017
“Quick response from the support team and a surprisingly quick turnaround from the development team to provide a working solution.”
Tommy T – July 2017
“Timely response to emails and to the issue. Thank you guys for being swift to find the solution and resolve the issue.”
Wiktor K – July 2017
“Couldn’t have asked for more. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and patient.”
Sean G – July 2016
“Thanks very much for your dogged determination to solve this problem for me.”
Robert S – September 2017
“Stewart knows how to help, thanks!”
Cathy – March 2017
“Really good and really helpful! Made my day! :)”
Carl J – March 2017
“I am very satisfied. I had an urgent problem and your support was quick, efficient, timely. Thanks!”
Jose – January 2017
“Dominic was very quick in answering my questions. Previously he also helped me over the phone and solved my problem too. Keep up the good work…!!”
Brett H – November 2016
“Everybody was very helpful and the problem was resolved very quickly. Thank you…”
Andrew – April 2017
“Magnificent. Very happy with the service. Well done.”
Abdou R – August 2016
“Très efficace et rapide.”
Oscar – June 2017
“Excelente servicio y sobre todo el respaldo que tienen hacia sus clientes.”