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How often do your in-house team handle email platform changes such as migrations, integrations and customisations? Chances are, not often, because their workloads are full elsewhere.

That’s why we encourage organisations who cannot afford downtime on their customer email platforms to tap into the email expertise of our Professional Services Team. Our team live and breathe email platforms every day and have a proven track record of success helping telcos and service providers across the globe.

This is especially important because email is not inconsequential; it’s the lifeblood of communications for so many people, and it’s increasingly the digital identity and storage locker for many more. It needs to be handled with the utmost care and due diligence, to safeguard its precious contents and ensure a seamless transition to any changes in the platform.

Email migrations

We know that email migrations take time, skill and careful planning. So, we schedule accordingly, utilise our sophisticated toolsets, tap into our 20+ years of email knowledge, and liaise with you every step of the way. When you need an expert team that can lead your project and keep it on schedule and on budget, you’re in the right place.

Integrations and customisations

We are deeply committed to your success, so if you need specific integrations and customisations, we can help. We have assisted customers with integrations for provisioning, reporting, billing, CRMs, and more. For customisations, typical projects include modifications to webmail, reporting, spam filtering, and SSL certifications. Talk to us today about the specific assistance that will empower your email platform to prosper.


To help your in-house email team get up to speed quickly, our expert team can provide dedicated training for your email administrators and service desk teams. Our courses are delivered online via live video conferencing, or in person upon request.
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Migration Guide

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Email Migration

This guide is a must-read for in-house teams who cannot afford data loss, security breaches, frustrated customers and reputation damage.


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