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From $20USD, per month*
  • *For up to 10 users.

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Recognising efficiencies allows businesses to remain competitive and profitable, that’s why atmail has tailored our cloud solution to make managing your messaging platform easy. By outsourcing your email, you avoid costly outlays for infrastructure installation and staff dedicated to maintenance and support. And as industry leaders since 1998, you know you’re getting the best in business-class email, security and services and can be up-and-running in just minutes.

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If cloud isn’t right for you, and you’re after a solution to install behind your own firewall, our on-premises offering is ideal,  find out more here.

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Why businesses do better with cloud

New atmail cloud
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Looking for on-premises deployment?

Our on-premises deployment lets you utilise your existing resources and infrastructure

Only pay for what you need – atmail suite or full stack (atmail suite + mail server). The atmail suite comprises version 8 of our webmail interface, an API server and native mobile app and represents a complete technology redesign for our webmail product. atmail mail server redefines the delivery of our core services – providing a highly modular and scalable solution for mass-installations. When paired with the atmail suite, the full stack allows for incredibly easy domain management.

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