Reliability, Privacy & Security

We offer peace of mind that your email solution will be reliable, secure, and private.


With 20+ years of email solutions expertise represented in our world-class, high availability architecture, we are trusted by some of the world’s most well-known telcos to deliver stable and secure email platforms. We power more than 170 million mailboxes across more than 90 countries.


Responsible consumers are looking for providers who can offer a greater level of online safety and privacy than the industry giants. Parents in particular, are looking to better protect their children via safe email packages for families. We value the privacy of your customers and work with you to present safe options.


Security by design is a fundamental principle in our engineering process and we partner with the best in the industry to ensure the highest standards of infrastructure security in all our data centres. Your data is encrypted, and we engage external industry leaders to run strict security audits against our product and procedures.

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