Outsource your whole email environment with atmail cloud

atmail cloud is perfect if…

  • you don’t have existing infrastructure.
  • you want to leverage atmail’s expertise to handle your maintenance, security, updates and backups for simplified management.
  • you want a multi-domain environment that is also scalable and rebrandable.
  • you’d like to utilise the atmail native app for increased mobility and accessibility.

Cloud for service providers

  • Choice of data centres ensuring you meet privacy regulations and reduce latency
  • The latest in spam management and threat mitigation
  • Migration planning and provisioning
  • Access at any time, from any device
  • In-house support available in real time, 365 days a year
  • Dynamic storage and scaling, allocated as you need it
  • Robust and reliable service with proven uptime
  • Lower overheads for infrastructure and maintenance
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Utilise existing infrastructure and install on-site with atmail on-premises

atmail on-premises is perfect if…

  • you already have existing infrastructure.
  • you have a team of system administrators for install and first-level support.
  • you want the choice between buying webmail only or full stack (atmail suite + mail server).
  • you want extensive white-labelling, branding and customisation options.

On-premises for service providers

atmail suite comprises version 8 of our webmail interface, an API Server, a DAV server and a native app for iOS (android coming soon), representing a complete technology redesign for our webmail product. The responsive, intuitive UI has been developed to the latest standards in user-experience design and browser technology. This pairing of modern architectures and design methodologies results in an incredibly intuitive and fast email experience.

Our mail server redefines the delivery of atmail’s core services providing a highly modular and scalable solution for mass installations, leveraging an automation engine to increase the ease and simplicity of the deployment and configuration of IMAP, SMTP, ManageSieve, Monitoring, AV and AS servers on demand.

When paired with the atmail suite, the full stack allows for incredibly easy domain management (users, settings, groups, domains, aliases and branding per domain).

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Tailored support for migration confidence

Our solutions experts have helped thousands of companies migrate successfully to atmail products, painlessly. Our team are experienced in maintaining your data integrity while mitigating transfer loss or disruption, and our holistic approach ensures your staff are upskilled to our systems simultaneously.

Whether you choose to migrate yourselves or let us handle the entire process for you, speak to our solutions experts to see how we could tailor a migration and training support package to have you enjoying your email, sooner.

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“It was a great opportunity for Optus and atmail to work together to enhance customer experience for the WebMail. I have been impressed with the delivery of your commitments on time and your swift actions. It has been my pleasure to work with the great team at atmail. Please extend my big thanks to all your team members.”

Scott Park – Optus, Project Manager – PEI Technical Delivery

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