It’s time to successfully commercialize email.


Welcome to Atmail. Our mission is to enable you to engage and delight your customers with a flexible service approach to email to meet individual customer needs.

Our service will increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) through seamlessly integrated in-app purchases and will decrease churn with simple one-click personal domain email offerings. Atmail is a white-label cloud-native email service designed specifically for telcos and ISPs.

Powered by our managed AWS public cloud or leveraging yours if you prefer, Atmail is highly scalable to many millions of email accounts, is highly secure, and is always available.

Free up valuable time by transitioning email from a cost centre to a cloud-based profit and retention machine. With over 2 decades of experience, we are ready to welcome your customers.

The details:

We have architected and deployed a cloud native, highly resilient and reliable white label email service that puts your brand and your messages front and centre with your customers for over half an hour every day. Below are some of the things that we think make us just a little bit special.

Anti Spam / Virus – Getting rid of the noise.

Your customer’s experience with spam is what will keep them happy or turn them away. The problem with spam and malware is their evolving nature. Global reports put spam at about 7 out of every 10 emails. Removing 6 of the 7 is generally quite easy, but the last one requires careful consideration. Atmail Shield (our anti-abuse service) relies on industry-leading technologies to do just this. Our 24/7 cloud operations team, constantly revising the service’s configuration based on real-time data from the latest outbreaks, leverages the Atmail Shield service for this exact purpose. This is not a challenge to shy away from. Instead, let’s lean in together.

Inclusive – Don’t leave anyone behind.

Whether it be the accessing your email on the many device formats via a modern responsive design or for those that require Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) certified functionality, sleep well knowing our service is designed to provide a high-quality digital experience reflective of your brand and has not been left behind in the last century.
Learn more about WCAG 2 Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C here

Improving – It’s a journey

Our email services are updated multiple times a day with continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) processes in place. Hard to believe that 20 years later there is still plenty of work in the queue. Regular updates keep everyone happy and safe.

Available – Failure is not an option.

We operate leveraging AWS dual availability zones to ensure your customers email services are highly available. In the unlikely event of a service failure (we are humans after all) we have designed into the service a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) of near zero. In short this ensures your customers important emails, be it a cat video or house purchase contract are backed up right to the last email received.  This is unlike a traditional recovery point backup which may have been run hours before. We didn’t stop there and went on to combine this with some clever self-healing tech so in most cases we can restore the service within seconds, not hours, days or weeks.

Sustainability – Because it should be.

Operating as a cloud native AWS service we leverage computing scale and efficiency which can reduce the carbon footprint by 88%^ when compared to a traditional on premises email service.
Learn more about how via the AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool


Migrate mail services to Atmail Cloud with a view to modernising and cleverly commercialising to provide a better digital experience for your customers and a profitable service for your business. Atmail, an email service you can be proud of.

Up next, learn about one click purchase integration to turn your email service from a cost center to a profitable service