You want to stop offering email but are concerned about the potential brand damage and financial implications of turning it off?

The problem
The cost of maintaining a consumer email service is high and your customer base is shrinking.
Your executives see little value in email and won’t invest, which devalues the service even further.
A true catch 22. Have a look at our video simulation of this very real scenario.

Some Telcos, Carriers and ISP's that have successfully exited email with us

The Answer

Migrate your email service to us. In a seamless process and at no cost to you, we take over management of your customer email accounts including providing them with exceptional level 1 support. Customers that opt-in to keep their email address benefit from our improved email experience and market leading security services. You get to remove all costs associated with providing an email service (forever) while not disrupting your customers financial connection with your business. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

With 25 years of email expertise and a history of running secure and reliable cloud email platforms in multiple regions all over the world, you can trust us to deliver email for you.


The Outcomes

Customer retention

Our #1 focus is to ensure your existing commercial relationship is not at risk.

No Cost

Yes, you read that right. We pay for the migration and all ongoing email service costs... forever.

Seamless Transfer

Emails are migrated, no need to change passwords and our customer support is at the ready to help.

Improved Security

Be proud and confident that the service your customers are moving to is designed to be as secure as it can be with our team working to ISO 27001 certification.

Modern & Responsive

Drag and drop just about everything and auto resize for just about any device. Email the way it should be in 2023.

Privacy first

What happens in email stays in email. No data selling... ever.

Be Strategic

It's time for your next move. Get focused on your core business and let us look after your email subscribers.


Trust in our proven 99.99% uptime and stability across multiple regions all over the world.


Ensure email is available for everyone with accessibility built right in.

Are you ready to successfully exit email?