atmail suite 8.3.0 (including Tasks) released

Hi Everyone, We’re excited today to announce the release of atmail suite 8.3.0 – which includes all of the latest product updates (including Tasks) for our webmail interface, atmail suite.

atmail suite 8.3.0 introduces new features, improves existing features, improves our usability design and fixes various email bugs.

It is now available in your customer portal for on-premises download (and has already been rolled out successfully to our US and EU cloud customers).


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Tasks: Get more done with atmail

If you’ve ever felt that your email inbox resembles a neverending waterfall of to-do’s that demand your attention, you’ll love our new atmail tasks interface.

With a more slick and minimalistic user interface (UI) than our older tasks interface on atmail 7 Pro, our new atmail suite 8.3.0 interface will help you better capture, group and manage your to-do list, so you can get more done – and love doing it!

atmail tasks desktop view - email


Why did we move to a more minimalistic design?

Regardless of whether you’re a David Allen, Getting Things Done (GTD) fan or you subscribe to another productivity method (from the growing sea of productivity experts and software), the basic premise of any productivity method or tool is that it helps you get more done, which is exactly what we’ve aimed to help you do.

So, with this in mind and after speaking with some of our customers about how they like to get things done, we learned that not only was a complex organisational system unnecessary, but interestingly, it was actually a burden. If it wasn’t simple, you don’t want to use it. You just want to know what is due and when – with perhaps a little reminder an hour or two, or even a day or two, prior. Nothing more.

This is why we developed a minimalistic, tasks interface (based on best practice, modern design principles) that asks you for a task name and deadline, plus provides optional fields to categorise the task and add any relevant notes. It’s simple, it’s user-friendly and it works – and we hope you love it!

Here’s our how-to video – which also shows how our task list synchronises on open protocols (DAV) and seamlessly integrates with Apple Reminders on iOS.




Improved usability

atmail 8.3.0 introduces a new application switcher for navigating between different product features. It’s mobile device friendly (for example, it supports driving the interface one-handed with a clumsy thumb) and enables greater scalability – which allows us to continue to roll out even more awesome new features for you in future releases.

We’ve also improved the colour schemes and softened the contrast within the UI, to make it even easier on your eyes.


Improved Contacts

We introduced three new views for your Contacts list in atmail suite 8.3.0:

1. Favourites – You can now mark your favourite contacts with a ‘star’ and then quickly access your Favourites list through the left-hand menu navigation;

2. Remembered – This auto-generated list contains the last fifty (50) addresses you’ve emailed that are not already in your Contacts, to help you quickly reach out to someone you’ve recently emailed and want to seamlessly communicate with again; and

3. Global Address Lists – This list is maintained by your system administrator and is fantastic for ensuring that everyone in your company can contact each other as easily as possible.


Support for feature toggling

atmail suite now includes feature toggling, which system administrators have the flexibility to enable for end users.


Summary of atmail suite 8.3.0 updates

New features

  • Tasks
  • Contact views: Favourites
  • Contact views: Remembered
  • Global address list (This is configured easily in atmail mail server with the latest update, atmail mail server 1.2.0.)
  • Support for feature toggling

Feature improvements

  • Navigation: Application Switcher now allows more than four options (Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Settings)
  • DAV: Improvements to DAV performance

Bug fixes

  • Various


Need further information?

For more information about our latest atmail product updates, please view our changelog and/or visit our Help Centre here.

To contact our Support team, please email [email protected] or get in touch via your customer portal.

For more information about atmail suite and/or our other atmail product offerings, we invite you to view our product brochures here.

Finally, a big thanks for your ongoing feedback. It helps us continuously improve our products and serve you better.

Enjoy your day/evening!

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By Andrea Martins | February 15, 2018

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