September 18, 2017

atmail suite Launches! (Includes atmail Version 8)

Missed the news about atmail suite’s launch earlier this year? This post will quickly bring you up to speed…

Six months ago, we proudly launched a complete technology redesign for our webmail product and named it atmail suite.

atmail suite comprises version 8 of our webmail interface, an API Server, a DAV server and a native iOS app (with plans for a native android app in 2018).

The responsive, intuitive UI has been developed to the latest standards in user-experience design and browser technology.

This pairing of modern architectures and design methodologies has resulted in an incredibly intuitive and fast email experience.


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atmail suite features



In terms of technology, atmail suite combines:

  • JavaScript (React) for the webmail UI;
  • Golang for the API server;
  • PHP for the DAV Server; and
  • atmail API (compatible with JMAP).

atmail suite diagram - atmail JMAP proxy - atmail email products - on-premises - cloud email

Benefits of atmail suite?


Private and secure

Your customers can download the atmail app from the Apple App Store (Google Play coming soon) and connect to the API server you host on-premises.

atmail suite has passed audit scans for hundreds of vulnerabilities and threats, including viruses, worms, cross-site request forgery and injection attacks (including the OWASP Top 10).


Modular, scalable and low resource footprint


• A single page app (SPA) providing a desktop-like application experience

• Utilises client-side processing to further reduce server load

• Web server needs only to serve static files

• Analytics tracking


• Highly performant compiled binary (Golang) – no code interpretation

• Extensive configuration options

• True API server only returning JSON data

• Takes advantage of your investment in IMAP infrastructure

• Modular design allows scaling the front-end and API independently

• Supports so ware load balancing with Nginx and HAproxy



If traditional webmail platforms bore you, atmail suite is a breath of fresh air.

Colourful, fully featured and intuitive, atmail suite allows white labelling, multiple accounts, multiple locale support, one-click archiving, live updating and synchronisation.

Want to see it for yourself?


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