Jay McGoodwin - Study.Net CEO
November 5, 2019

Study.Net: A Loyal atmail Customer for 10+ Years

Whilst the atmail of today targets telcos and service providers, we still continue to serve customers from a range of different industries, and we’re grateful for the loyal and long-term support of customers such as Study.Net, from the education industry.

Recently, we caught up with Jay McGoodwin, CEO at Study.Net. We talked to him about what Study.Net does, what he enjoys most at Study.Net, why their company chose atmail, and why they have stayed with atmail for so long.


Jay McGoodwin - Study.Net - atmail loyal customer - email customer
Jay McGoodwin, CEO, Study.Net


atmail: Jay, thank you so much for your time. In your own words, what does Study.Net do?

Jay: Study.Net makes online education real. The Study.Net application enables educators to assemble learning content from practically any source, in any format, for direct online delivery to their students. This learning content includes material that an educator might upload, free material accessible from multiple sources, as well as copyright material that requires payment of a usage royalty. Study.Net’s SaaS solution manages every aspect of this critical process for educators and schools throughout the world.


atmail: Are you able to share the names of some of the customers who trust Study.Net’s solutions?

Jay: Study.Net’s customers include many of the leading Business Schools in the US and overseas, including University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, MIT, Cornell, University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan, Rice University, Emory University, Columbia – the list goes on.

For approved customers, we also provide pre-cleared access to learning material from some of the leading publishers in the world, including Harvard Business Publishing – the source of Harvard Business Review articles and cases from Harvard Business School.

To serve our customers, we have an awesome team, who work out of offices in India, Europe, and three locations in the United States.


atmail: What do you enjoy most at Study.net?

Jay: The work culture is special. As one of my colleagues has said, “Study.Net makes me feel like I’m not only on the team, but a true part of the team.” Egos are checked at the door as we are equals in the pursuit of a goal with purpose.


atmail: Study.Net has been with atmail for 10+ years, which is very impressive! Why did your company choose atmail and why do you stay with atmail?

Jay: Two main reasons:

  1. Our previous solution had some limitations. When we brought these challenges to atmail, the atmail team worked with us and customized a solution that was a perfect fit for our environment; and
  2. atmail, year over year, continues to impress us with more and more features that allow our employees to control their own experience.


atmail: Does Study.Net have a favourite atmail feature?

Jay: Yes, more than one:

  1. Speed, functionality, and ease of use;
  2. Support has always been amazing; and
  3. Stability with email products is and always has been our number one concern. In 10+ years, we have not had any downtime with our email (with the exception of planned maintenance).


atmail: How has Study.Net grown as a company, in those same 10+ years?

Jay: We’ve watched the education industry go through tremendous change with the increasing use of digital technology – whether it’s for administration, class management, content delivery, or enhanced learning. Through this period, our customers have progressed at different speeds, with very different needs. To keep up, we’ve had to adopt a very customer-centric approach, solving the requirements of each customer, no matter how small (or large) in a way that’s best for them.

In the process, we feel as though we’ve seen it all, and we’ve helped to guide some of the largest schools in the US through a transition from traditional print to an incredibly more diverse and demanding world of digital learning tools.

We consider every customer a success story, particularly as they embrace digital technologies to improve the learning experience for students. Our team has broad experience and the one common theme that stands out is our belief in learning as the best medicine for what ails the world. (We also have a Foundation that supports digital learning.)


atmail: Do you have any final words that you might like to add?

Jay: We like what we do, and we like working with the best at what they do. Why compromise?


atmail: Jay, thank you for your loyal support of atmail, and congratulations to the entire Study.Net team on your growth over the last 10+ years since we’ve known you. May your future continue to shine bright in the education space!

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