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February 3, 2020

50 Global Telco Conferences in 2020

If you work in the telecom industry and are keen to attend a telecoms conference this year, you’re in the right place. From Amsterdam to Atlanta, London to Mexico City, Phoenix to San Juan, Dubai to Singapore and more, there are plenty of destinations and topics on offer here in our annual list of global telco conferences for 2020.

Managing (and monetising) telco customer email platforms still doesn’t seem to rate a conference track of its own, but if you’re a telco, ISP or service provider that is wanting a trusted email services provider to help you brainstorm better ways to manage your customer email platform, as well as fight churn and grow revenue, we’d love to meet you at one of these events this year and/or return your enquiry here. With more than 20 years of experience providing white label email to the telco industry, we have the expertise to help you, wherever you are based in the world.

Update 26 March 2020: COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically since this post was first published, and most events in the coming months are cancelled. However, we’re leaving this here to share what events ‘usually’ happen. Please visit the event organisers’ pages directly for updates. Thanks.


Telco Conferences 2020 - atmail email experts - telecom conferences 2020 - telco industry


Disclaimer: This list is not all-inclusive, and atmail is not associated with any of the events listed. Rates are subject to change and are provided as a courtesy only. No responsibility will be taken for inaccurate rates or information.


February 2020

1. Carrier Community Europe 2020 GCCM

London, England

10-11 February 2020

Cost: £450*

Size: 1,000+ attendees expected

The global Carrier Community is holding its 12th annual meeting Europe 2020 GCCM in London this month. The event aims to attract more than 1,000 Club members, representing decision makers from more than 500 tier one, tier two and tier three operators globally. Non-members and telco ecosystem partners are also invited, to network with peers, explore new business opportunities, and discuss latest market trends.


2. Capacity Caribbean 2020

San Juan, Puerto Rico

10-12 February 2020

Cost: USD$1,399*

Size: 200+ attendees expected

Capacity Caribbean 2020 looks to bring together C-level industry leaders who are determined to help shape the future of telecoms in the Caribbean. With a commercial focus, the event connects the industry’s leaders for partnership, trade, and new business opportunities. The event is unique in comparison to other Capacity events because it is designed as more of a community gathering, where strategic leaders can comfortably debate and have discussions to shape the future of the industry.

New for this year, the market leaders in the four key types of infrastructure (terrestrial, submarine cable systems, satellite communication systems, and data centres) will present case studies focussing on effective strategies to ensure continuity of services.


3. RTIME by NTCA (Rural Broadband Association)

Phoenix, United States

16-19 February 2020

Cost: US$909 – $1,299*

Size: 2,200+ attendees expected

RTIME is the first major event in this year’s NTCA (Rural Broadband Association) line-up of meetups and conferences for rural telcos in the United States.

NTCA’s largest event for the year brings together industry leaders looking to push the boundaries and achieve success in allowing their subscribers to compete locally, nationally and globally.

The theme for this year’s event is “accelerating innovation”. Come chat to us at RTIME (atmail have booth 6 this year) about how we can help rural telcos running customer email platforms.


4. M3AAWG (48th General Meeting)

San Francisco, United States

17-20 February 2020

Cost: US$500* (for members and invited guests)

Size: 1,500-2,000+ attendees expected

Founded in 2004, M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) focuses on internet abuse and has more than 200 members worldwide. Sponsors include AT&T, Orange, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Verizon. Members include ESPs, ISPs, telcos, social networking companies, antivirus vendors, and more.

M3AAWG meetings are about fighting the good fight against viruses, malware, spam and more. The goal is to work together to prevent and stop online abuse.

In addition to San Francisco (their biggest event of the year), M3AAWG also has meetings scheduled this year for London, England, 8-11 June, and Brooklyn, New York, 12-15 October.


5. MWC Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

24-27 February 2020

Cost: €799 – €2,699*

Size: 109,000+ attendees expected

With a theme this year of “limitless intelligent connectivity”, MWC Barcelona claims to be the “largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries”.

The four-day extravaganza is predicted to include 2,400+ exhibitors, as well as presentations from some of the industry’s best and most respected speakers.

Topics on the agenda this year include:

  • AI;
  • Connectivity: The 5G era;
  • Customer engagement;
  • Industry X;
  • Media and entertainment;
  • Our planet; and
  • Security and privacy.


March 2020

6. Capacity Middle East 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2-5 March 2020

Cost: US$1,799+*

Size: 1,700+ attendees expected

Capacity Middle East is promoted as the largest event connecting MENA regionally and internationally.

More than 1,800 senior-level attendees are expected, from more than 525 companies, representing more than 85 countries.

Attendees represent internet service providers, data centres, SMS, voice, OTT providers, data, ISPs and more.

The four-day event will include speakers from Du, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Omantel, STC, Telecom Egypt, Turkcell, Telstra, Nokia, Facebook, and more.


7. Media and Telecoms 2020 & Beyond

London, England

5 March 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 450+ attendees expected

Media and Telecoms 2020 & Beyond is an invitation-only conference hosted by Deloitte. With more than 450 senior attendees expected to gather and debate some of the forces shaping media and communications, this aims to be a thought-provoking event on news, telecoms and advertising.


8. ICANN 67

Cancun, Mexico

7-12 March 2020

Cost: Free*

Size: TBC

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organisation that coordinates the procedures and maintenance of several databases, ensuring the internet’s stable and secure operation.

ICANN general meetings are geared toward the service provider/ISP/telco space and this year’s 67th public community forum will be by the beach in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Participation is free and if you cannot attend in person, you can also attend remotely.


9. Capacity LATAM 2020

Sao Paulo, Brazil

9-11 March 2020

Cost: USD$1,099* (early bird tickets)

Size: 600+ attendees expected

Capacity LATAM is touted as largest wholesale telecoms meeting in Latin America. This event is for regional wholesale telcos who are buying and selling services in content delivery, data, VOIP, IP, Peering, SMS, capacity and more. The organisers claim that “more multilateral and bilateral deals are done over four days at Capacity LATAM for data, cloud, content, mobile, and voice services than anywhere else in Latin America”.

Speakers include from: Viacom; NTT; Telxius; Antel; Huawei Marine Networks; and more.


10. Channel Partners Conference and Expo

Las Vegas, United States

9-12 March 2020

Cost: US$279-899*

Size: 6,400+ attendees expected

Channel Partners Conference and Expo claims to be “the world’s largest event for agents, MSPs, VARs, integrators, consultants and service providers”. It definitely sounds like the place to be if that’s your target audience. Speakers include representatives from both telcos and vendors in the industry.

Sister events include Channel Partners Evolution in Orlando, 29 September – 2 October (3,200+ attendees expected), and Channel Evolution Europe in London, 1-2 December, 2020 (300+ attendees expected).


11. Asia 2020 GCCM


10-11 March 2020

Cost: €450*

Size: 450 attendees expected

Asia’s version of the 2020 GCCM (Carrier Community Global Telecom Club) conference is in March again this year.

Carrier Community brings together members and telco eco-partners from various segments (such as data, cloud, application providers, voice, SMS messaging, mobile, OTT/content providers, VAS, submarine cable, enterprise, satellite, ISP, data centres and other related segments) to meet, network with peers and explore new business opportunities, as well as discuss the latest market trends at the panel sessions and showcase their latest solutions. Non-members and telco ecosystem partners are also invited, to network with peers, explore new business opportunities, and discuss latest market trends.


12. CloudFest

Rust, Germany

14-19 March 2020

Cost: €399 – €1,199*

Size: 7,000+ attendees expected

Whilst not strictly for telcos, CloudFest always seems to attract players from around the world in the telecoms space. The event – staged each year at an actual theme park – showcases and celebrates the cloud industry, featuring everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation.


13. Telecoms World Asia 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

25-26 March 2020

Cost: US$1,095+*

Size: 1,200+ attendees expected

Telecoms World Asia, a key event for telcos in Asia for more than 20 years, will be focused this year on five key themes:

  • Telco 4.0 – Innovation, partnerships and new business models
  • Networks Virtualisation – Network transformation through virtualisation and cloud technologies
  • 5G – Next-gen mobile connectivity
  • Carriers World Asia -Capacity, content and collaboration
  • Intelligent Connectivity – Unlocking telco opportunities in AI, the smart city and industry 4.0


14. Conecta Mexico Telecom Forum

Mexico City, Mexico

31 March – 1 April 2020

Cost: US$725 – $1,346*

Size: 400+ attendees expected

This year’s agenda at Conecta Mexico is focussed on technology, business case studies, and tackling all the main regional issues to help operators grow and move forward.

The high-level summit includes speakers from companies such as: AT&T Mexico; Izzi Telecom; Altan Mexico; 5G Americas; as well as the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (*SCT).


April 2020

15. Customer Experience Management in Telecom Summit

Vienna, Austria

21-23 April 2020

Cost: US$999+* (free operator/enterprise passes available at the time of writing)

Size: 100+ attendees expected

Run by the Allan Lloyds Group, the 12th Annual Customer Experience Management in Telecom Summit aims to focus on telecom industry CX topics in an interactive way, that enables participants to hear about digital customer experience, customer journey and services, as well as the latest trends, innovations or mobile apps, from the top telco players.


16. 5G and LTE Latin America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

27-29 April 2020

Cost: US$999+* (free operator/enterprise passes available at the time of writing)

Size: TBC

“Unleashing the 5G future with next generation network technologies” is the theme of this year’s 5G and LTE Latin America event, which aims to provide a spotlight on the key telco innovations that will drive services and support the LATAM telco revolution.

This year, the three-day event features a workshop day exploring satellite innovation for the telecommunication industry, and the advent of 5G private networks and their potential for the region.

The conference itself covers the following key themes:

  • Business cases that will drive 5G monetisation;
  • Technologies that will promote successful 5G deployments;
  • Regulation and spectrum auctions
  • Opportunities of IoT;
  • Digital transformation; and
  • Latest technologies (such as edge computing and telco AI).


17. MVNOS World Congress

Berlin, Germany

27-30 April 2020

Cost: €899*

Size: 800+ attendees expected

MVNOS World Congress is promoted as the only global event dedicated to MVNOs. 64 percent MVNO/MNO representation. 66 percent C-Level/MD attendance.

The global gathering offers four days of networking and learning from 130 different speakers, with a focus on growth and innovation in the MVNO space. We attended last year and would say that if you are hoping to network, problem solve and brainstorm with MVNOs, this could be a good event for you.


May 2020

18. Teleforum’s Annual Gathering

7-8 May 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Teleforum is a membership organisation for telecom operators of small states, territories or dependencies having a population which does not exceed 2 million inhabitants. There are currently 18 member companies spanning from Europe to the Caribbean.

Teleforum hosts an annual get together for their members, to help members share their experiences, work together for their common interests, and benefit from group initiatives. This year, Teleforum 28 will be held in Greenland on 7th and 8th May, and will be preceded by a workshop on 6th May 2020. Details yet to be released.


19. East AfricaCom

Nairobi, Kenya

12-13 May 2020

Cost: £599 – £1,150+*

Size: 700+ attendees expected

East AfricaCom is promoted as “the premier strategic event for telecoms, media, broadcasting and technology leaders”. It event aims to bring together experts and industry stakeholders from across telecommunications, technology and digital media, in a premium two-day ICT event. East AfricaCom connects and informs the entire East African digital ecosystem, while shining a light on the disruptors so critical to improving the way that we communicate and do business in the region.


20. CEE 2020 GCMM

Berlin, Germany

12-13 May 2020

Cost: €490*

Size: 500+ attendees expected

Global telecom club Carrier Community is organising their 7th annual Central Eastern Europe conference in Berlin this May. Expecting more than 250 telecom operators to be represented at the event, the Carrier Community is bringing together members and telco eco-partners from various segments (such as data, cloud, application providers, voice, SMS messaging, mobile, OTT/content providers, VAS, submarine cable, enterprise, satellite, ISP, data centres and other related segments) while enabling participants to network and explore new business opportunities, discuss latest market trends, showcase their latest product launches, and more.


21. Big 5G Event

Dallas, Texas

18-20 May 2020

Cost: US$599 – $1,999+*

Size: 1,800+ attendees expected

The Big 5G Event aims to give attendees the opportunity to learn how to build, launch and profit from 5G success. Featuring speakers from major telecom companies (such as Verizon, Telus, T-Mobile and many more), keys topics this year include: Women in Telecoms; 5G transport; 5G applications and innovation; AI in the 5G world; virtualisation and cloud native networking; and more.


June 2020

22. GSMA Mobile 360 MENA

Cairo, Egypt

9-10 June 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 400+ attendees expected

GSMA Mobile 360 Mena celebrates the exciting achievements in the MENA region with keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, and more. Senior-level, regional and international leaders from operators, governments, global brands, and different economic sectors will again convene this year to discuss the socioeconomic impacts of adopting new technology and fostering innovation. The event includes an Innovation Showcase, networking initiatives, and workshops presented by Visa,  Huawei, and more.


23. 5G World Summit

London, England

9-11 June 2020

Cost: £1,800+*

Size: 5,000+ attendees expected

With 230+ speakers – from companies such as Three UK, AT&T, British Telecom, Telus, Telecom Italia, o2, Deutsche Telecom and more – 5G World Summit is one of Europe’s leading 5G events.

This year’s event will have the following three main streams:

  • 5G Security by Design;
  • 5G Spectrum Management; and
  • Network Virtualisation and SDN.


24. International Telecoms Week (ITW)

Atlanta, United States

14-17 June 2020

Cost: US$575*

Size: 7,000+ attendees expected

International Telecoms Week attracts delegates from 2,000+ companies and 135+ companies. Their agenda is yet to be published online, but we attended last year and found it to be an excellent chance to network with telco wholesale players, including some of the larger ones. Catch ITW in Atlanta again this year, before it heads to Washington in 2021.


25. ITS Europe Conference 2020

Gothenberg, Sweden

14-17 June 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

The 23rd ITS Biennial Conference for the International Telecommunications Society (ITS) will be in Gothenburg this year, with a theme of “Digital societies and industrial transformations: Policies, markets and technologies”. Their promo text includes the following, as a flavour of the discussions expected at the conference:

“Within the European Union, a lot of hope is being pinned on 5G. Not only will 5G change the mobile telecommunications industry, but it also creates opportunities in other industries. Through facilitating the IoT, 5G could dramatically change other industries – new business models will emerge, the efficiency and effectiveness of existing activities improved and consumers better informed. But this creates far-reaching challenges for mobile operators, who need to invest in a new infrastructure in the context of a changing and more competitive ecosystem.”


26. Canadian Telecom Summit

Toronto, Canada

15-17 June 2020

Cost: US$1,800 – $2,500*

Size: TBC

The Canadian Telecom Summit returns for its 19th year, with three full days of presentations from industry leaders discussing key topics in the future of communications and information technology in Canada. The theme this year is “Transforming our Digital Lives: Managing Disruption in an Intelligent Connected World”.


27. Technology + Business Conference by NTCA (Rural Broadband Association)

Minneapolis, United States

15-18 June 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 300+ attendees expected

NTCA’s Technology + Business Conference brings together industry leaders and solutions providers to share knowledge and showcase new products and services. Miguel Garcia and Jason Brown will be there again this year for atmail. Say hi to them at booth 4, and learn more about how we can help rural telcos running customer webmail platforms.


28. Digital Transformation World (TM Forum)

Copenhagen, Denmark

16-18 June 2020

Cost: $US499 – $2,299*

Size: 3,500+ attendees expected

Digital Transformation World 2020 will combine one-on-one meetings with innovation tours and full conference sessions, for 3,500 telecom and tech trailblazers, including 200+ influential speakers “whose number one goal is to nurture your curious mind and boost your business for the next stage of connectivity”.

The themes for this year’s event are:

  • Beyond connectivity – Turning 5G, IOT, AI and mobile edge computing into B2B2X revenue streams;
  • Cloud native IT and agility – Investment and deployment strategies for a competitive leap;
  • Autonomous networks and The Edge – Real-world deployment and ROI done right;
  • Customer experience and trust – Decoding CX to grow confidence, revenue, and loyalty;
  • AI, data and analytics – Creating AI-driven actionable insights to transform your business end to end; and
  • The human factor – Striking the balance between automation, people, and culture to create the dream team.


29. MWC Shanghai

Shanghai, China

30 June – 2 July 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 75,000+ attendees expected

With a theme this year of “limitless intelligent connectivity”, MWC Shanghai is Asia’s biggest mobile event. The three-day conference is predicted to include 500+ exhibitors (almost 50 percent from outside China), 1,320+ CEOs, 1,100+ media and analysts, presentations from some of the industry’s best and most respected speakers, and much more.

Topics on the agenda this year include: telco transformation; banking and fintech; AI; security; privacy; drones and aviation; global devices; connectivity and 5G; eSIM; mobile edge computing; content and media; spectrum and policy; IoT; digital leaders; blockchain; and tech fashion.


July 2020

30. CX Exchange for Telecoms (by IQPC)

London, England

6-7 July 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 70 attendees expected

CX Exchange for Telecoms (by IQPC) is an invitation only forum that brings together 70 of Europe’s leading minds in customer experience, specifically within Telecoms. These leaders will be giving answers on how to:

  • Achieve a unified omni-channel approach by integrating mobile apps, online and social channels to reflect your customer-led brand;
  • Instil customer-centricity into every employee (customer-facing or not) by incorporating the customer mission at the company core;
  • Build insight-led strategy design that leads to winning customer experiences; and
  • Leverage AI and the latest technologies to deliver seamless, pain-free experiences.

In order to request an invitation, you typically need to be able to say ‘yes’ to two of the following:

  • My company’s annual turnover is €1 billion or above;
  • I sit in the C-suite or report directly to the C-suite;
  • I control or directly influence where customer experience budget is spent;
  • I control or directly influence corporate strategy at regional, divisional or group level; and/or
  • I have a personal annual [employer] budget of €1 million or above.


August 2020

31. LATAM 2020 GCCM

São Paulo, Brazil

17-18 August 2020

Cost: €299 – €500*

Size: 200+ attendees expected

Latin America’s version of the GCCM conference will again be in São Paulo, Brazil. This is the 6th annual LATAM GCCM and is hoping to attract members from segments such as: ISP; Mobile; OTT; VAS; application providers; cloud; data; and more. There should be plenty of networking opportunities here, along with discussions and panel sessions. The conference is open to non-members and telco ecosystem partners.


September 2020

32. ITU Digital World 2020 (an ITU Telecom event)

Ha Noi, Vietnam

6-9 September 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 9,000+ attendees expected

From Budapest last year to Ha Noi this year, ITU Telecom World 2020 is an annual ICT event organised by ITU Telecom, which is part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

“It recognises the breadth and depth of the technologies powering the world’s communication ecosystem. Its name reflects the current global and regional digital transformation, focusing on partnership and innovation in the development of digital government, digital economy and digital society.”


33. Telecoms World Middle East (TWME)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

8-9 September 2020

Cost: US$300+* (Super early bird – prices usually go up to around $1,000+* as the event gets closer )

Size: 1,000+ attendees expected

Telecoms World Middle East (TWME) returns for its 16th annual event in Dubai. The event features exhibitors from not only the Middle East, but also North Africa, East Africa, Central and South Asia. It combines three events under the one platform:
• Telecoms World Middle East;
• Carriers World Middle East; and
• Telecoms World Awards.

atmail expects be there again, so come say hi to us, and learn more about how we can help telcos running customer webmail platforms.


34. NTCA (Rural Broadband Association) Fall Conference

New York, United States

13-16 September 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 1,400+ attendees expected

NTCA’s Fall Conference is an opportunity to learn about industry and regulatory updates, with a focus on management and leadership strategies. Attendees engage in educational and entertaining sessions, roundtable discussions, networking events, and special events hosted by the Rural Broadband PAC and the Foundation for Rural Service. atmail should be there again, so come say hi to us, and learn more about how we can help rural telcos running customer webmail platforms.


35. Broadband Forum Asia

22-23 September 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 250+ attendees expected

Broadband Forum Asia will again join APAC’s largest tech festival TechXLR8 Asia, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The event aims to bring together the 5G, IoT, AI, broadband, Edge and startup communities to drive transformation in the region.


36. Telco Transformation LATAM

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

23-24 September 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 400+ attendees expected

Conecta Latam’s Total Transformation Latam will be in Rio de Janeiro again this year, with 50+ speakers, and “three sessions and three stages in a single room”, as follows:

  • Business assurance, fraud and security LATAM;
  • Network transformation, 5G, and NFV/SDN; plus
  • Digital transformation, customer experience, big data, and analytics.


37. GITEX Global

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

27 September – 1 October 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 100,000+ attendees expected

This year’s 40th annual GITEX (rebranded for 2020 as GITEX Global) is promoted as “the most important week in the annual tech calendar. This is where the world’s technology leaders, enterprises and startups come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens.” It’s always a huge event – with 4,500+ exhibitors – and whilst not specifically for telecoms, it’s usually an annual trek for many in the telecoms industry.


38. Channel Partners Evolution

Orlando, United States

29 September – 2 October 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 3,200+ attendees expected

Channel Partners Evolution is a channel event for agents, MSPs, VARs, integrators, consultants and service providers. Speakers include representatives from both telcos and vendors in the industry.

The larger event, Channel Partners Conference and Expo, is earlier in the year in Las Vegas.


October 2020

39. ETIS Community Gathering

Location TBC

Date TBC (Usually mid October)

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Founded in 1991, ETIS is a non-profit association run by its members, that brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge in a trusted environment. Their goal is to enable their members to reach their strategic objectives and to improve their business performance by sharing knowledge on industry challenges and by collaborating where possible. Their annual community gathering is usually in mid October. Check their site later in the year for details.


40. India Mobile Congress

New Delhi, India

15-17 October 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 56,000+ attendees expected

India Mobile Congress is promoted as “the largest digital technology forum in South Asia”. Organised by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Cellular Operator Association of India (COAI), India Mobile Congress brings together the industry, government, academia, and other ecosystem players, to discuss and display the latest in the technology world.


41. Broadband World Forum

Amsterdam, Netherlands

13-15 October 2020

Cost: €2,782+*

Size: 4,100+ attendees expected

This year, the Broadband World Forum will again be hosted in Amsterdam. The theme is “Separate fact from fiction – Cut through industry hype and get real answers to today’s challenges”.

BBWF aims to unify leaders from telcos and solution providers and enable you to upgrade, future proof and monetise your next generation networks If you’re interested in updates on technology, standards, policy and regulation, along with announcements and product launches, this may be the conference for you.


42. Mid-America Telecom Showcase and Seminar (MATSS)

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

19-21 October 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 700 attendees expected

Mid-America Telecom Showcase and Seminar (MATSS) returns to Kansas City this year for its annual gathering of independent phone company professionals and vendors. The event brings together rural telcos (of all sizes and across multiple states) to share knowledge and expertise in the rural telecoms industry.


43. Futurecom

São Paulo, Brazil (TBC)

19-22 October 2020 (TBC)

Cost: TBC

Size: 29,000 attendees expected in 2019. No details on their website yet for 2020.

If Futurecom goes ahead in 2020, it will celebrate its 22nd year as the “largest and most important event of telecommunications, technology and digital transformation in Latin America”.

Standalone sessions, debate panels, workshops and study cases are usually combined with exhibitions, networking opportunities and the chance to interact with the latest technologies.


44. MWC Los Angeles 2020

Los Angeles, United States

28-30 October 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 22,000+ event attendees (approx. 4,000+ conference attendees) expected

MWC Los Angeles brings together leading companies and influential experts from all sectors of the mobile technology industry “to advance Limitless Intelligent Connectivity – a fusion of 5G, IoT, AI and Big Data”. MWC Los Angeles 2020 promises to offer a dynamic technology exhibition, as well an inspiring conference program that consists of industry leaders, influencers and emerging innovators.


45. Total Telecom Congress

London, England

27-28 October 2020

Cost: £1,495+*

Size: 1,500+ attendees expected

More than 300 speakers and 800 organisations expected to attend, Total Telecom Congress in London this October should be another great opportunity to network with telecoms industry players who attend from across Europe and beyond.

Their nine key topics this year are:

  • Data driven technologies;
  • New commercial models;
  • Network transformation;
  • Corporate strategy;
  • New commercial models;
  • 5G;
  • IoT;
  • Content; and
  • People.

atmail expects be there again, so come say hi, and learn more about how we help telcos running customer webmail platforms.



November 2020

46. MVNOs Europe 2020

London, England

3-4 November 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 350+ attendees expected

MVNOs Europe aims to serve the European MVNO market – “the most mature MVNO market in the world. With 5% YoY growth, this is where brands find their foothold in the industry and amplify their success”.

Join this year’s international delegates as they discuss industry changes, such as the EU roaming regulation “Roam Like At Home”, eSIM provisioning, as well as the virtualisation and digitalisation of products and services.


47. AfricaCom

Cape Town, South Africa

10-12 November 2020

Cost: TBC

Size: 15,000+ attendees expected

AfricaCom is promoted as “the place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology”.

This year’s event is themed, “Accelerating business transformation to strengthen African economies” and is expected to again attract 450+ speakers (including from Orange, Liquid Telecom, Tunisie Telecom, MTN, Google, Vodacom, Millicom and more), and 500+ exhibitors.


48. Voice & Advanced Communications Summit

Düsseldorf, Germany

27-28 October 2020

Cost: £1,919+*

Size: 200+ attendees expected

This year, the Voice & Advanced Communications Summit has moved from Berlin to Düsseldorf. From Vo5G to RCS and UC, the event promises to pinpoint the network strategies and business models behind product and service success, with two days of insightful presentations, panel discussions, hosted lunches and an award ceremony with key figures from across the evolving voice and advanced comms ecosystem.


49. Messaging & SMS World (TBC)

London, England

November 2020 (TBC)

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Messaging & SMS World is another conference from Capacity Conferences that aims to bring together innovators in RTC technology, MNOs, wholesale carriers, SMS aggregators and more. It is usually held annual in November. Keep an eye on their site to learn of 2020 details.


December 2020

50. Telecom Review Leader’s Summit

9 December 2020 (TBC)

Cost: TBC

Size: 450+ attendees expected

The Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit is an annual gathering of telco executives, that is usually held in Dubai or Lebanon. It brings together C-level decision-makers from around the world, predominantly in the telecom, ICT and government sectors.


Special Mentions

These January events have unfortunately passed, but if they are of interest, you might like to tentatively mark your calendars to investigate these telco conferences for 2021:

  • Pacific Telecommunications Council, Honolulu, Hawaii, 17-20 January 2021
  • Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit, London, England, January 2021 (Exact date TBC). Keep an eye on the IQPC site as more details are released.

Friendly reminder: This list of telco conferences is not all-inclusive, and atmail is not associated with any of the events listed. Rates are subject to change and are provided as a courtesy only. No responsibility will be taken for inaccurate rates or information.


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