October 9, 2015

Wondering when to send your emails?

Most people receive a lot of emails every day and rarely have the time and energy to read all of them. Studies have shown that, depending on the time of the day, customers are more susceptible to open and click on certain types of messages. As an example, they will be more receptive to general marketing messages between 9 and 10 am, but not at all between 10 am and 12 pm as they will be more focused on their work.

If you are wondering when is the best time to send your marketing emails, this new infographic will help.

marketing emails


When to send marketing emails

9 am – 10 pm: Consumer hour

Consumers are more open to a range of subjects as they sift through unread emails at the beginning of the working day.

10 am – 12 pm: It’s crunch time

Settled into the day, recipients are now focused on work, meaning irrelevant emails will be avoided.

12 pm – 2 pm: Lunchtime social scroll

This time is widely used to catch up on social media, news and magazine alerts rather than marketing emails.

2 pm – 3 pm: Busy at work

People are once again attentive towards work during the post-lunch period, only showing interest in offers related to financial services.

3 pm – 5 pm: The mind wanders

It’s almost home time and the mind struggles to stay focused. More emails related to property and financial services are opened.

5 pm – 7 pm: Home time excitement

This time frame shows an increase in email opens containing holiday and B2B promotions.

7 pm – 10 pm: That’s interesting

People are more drawn to consumer emails of personal interest throughout this period. Offers on apparel, gym and sports rate very well.

10 pm – 9 am: Sleep time

An ineffective time as open rates rapidly decrease and most people are fast asleep.

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