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September 10, 2019

atmail Partners with Cyren to Launch Premium Antispam and Malware Detection

If you need market-leading spam protection to deliver a world-class email experience for your customers, we have great news…

atmail has recently partnered with Cyren – a trusted email security provider with 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of threat intelligence – to launch a premium antispam and malware detection solution, that delivers both a superior customer experience and a hassle-free admin experience.

We have been running the new solution on some of our platforms since March and the results have been very impressive. (We’ll publish a R&D case study on our blog post next week, which will share the results of our inbound and outbound comparisons to basic antispam.)

Our premium antispam and malware detection solution is perfect for telcos and service providers who rely on spam detection and resolution at lightning speed, and who also want to keep their email solution and premium antispam protection all in one place.


Two Layers of Protection

atmail’s premium antispam and malware detection solution combines atmail’s trusted basic antispam layer of protection with our new, enhanced, Cyren-powered, premium layer.


Benefits of atmail’s Premium Antispam and Malware Detection

Cyren’s technology safeguards more than 1.5 billion mailboxes and blocks more than 300 million threats daily – for industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Deutsche Telekom, Check Point, Sophos, Cox and IONOS (formerly 1&1).

Partnering with Cyren, atmail’s premium antispam and malware detection solution offers the following benefits:

  • Improved speed and accuracy

    • Significantly improves the speed and accuracy of detecting spam, fraud and phishing emails, with lower false positives

  • Real-time outbreak detection

    • Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) technology allows detection of spam and spammers within seconds of an outbreak
  • Immediate identification of compromised accounts

    • Detects and pinpoints spammers on outgoing emails and enables the setup of thresholds and alerts per sender
  • Better intelligence through classification

    • Provides deep level classification categories for phishing, spam and malware at scan time
  • Increased IP blacklist prevention

    • Detection of outbound spam in near real time has been shown to reduce blocking of IPs by up to 95%
  • Faster resolution of customer incidents

    • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) access to classification reasons enables faster incident resolution time
  • Time-of-Click protection (Optional)

    • Provides a way to categorise URLs and block threats at the time of URL click



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Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™)

atmail’s premium antispam and malware detection is based on Cyren’s patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology, which detects and classifies threat patterns in near real time. This time sensitivity is critical because most outbreaks have a relatively short lifecycle, measured in a few hours or less. So, by analysing new patterns in near real time, RPD™ protects your email platform from new outbreaks within seconds of launch on the internet globally.

RPD™ works by analysing identifiable characteristics and then grouping emails by distribution and structural patterns. Massive outbreaks which distribute spam, phishing and email-borne malware consist of many millions of emails (and their variants) which typically consist of at least one (but often, more than one) unique, identifiable characteristic. The characteristics are grouped into distribution patterns (which describe the sources and volume of the emails) and structural patterns (which represent the text, attachment and links of the emails) to distinguish the outbreak – usually with a great deal of certainty.



atmail’s premium antispam and malware detection also employs Cyren’s GlobalView™ Security Cloud. This technology processes over 25 billion email and web transactions daily from service providers, security vendors and enterprises across an integrated network operated worldwide from high availability data centres.

GlobalView™ applies AI machine learning, proprietary predictive analytics, behavioural analysis, heuristics and RPD™ to a massive stream of daily email and web transactions to detect outbreaks in near real time, rather than waiting for an update interval.

Given that 1.8 million spam emails are sent every second, this is a major advantage compared to feedback-driven, signature-based content filters and their derived IP block lists, which can expose your system and users to hundreds of thousands of threats in the fifteen minutes to four hours they can take to update.


Future Partnerships

Cyren is the first partner we are working with to offer a complete security solution for our customers.

We hope to announce further partnerships in the future.



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