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Hi Everyone, We’re excited today to release our latest atmail product updates, thanks to your awesome feedback and suggestions…


The Highlights

atmail suite 8.2.0 – on-premises

  • Double click support
  • Calendar sharing
  • Right click context menu
  • Composer improvements
  • Forgotten user password

atmail DAV server 1.1.0

  • DAV
  • Base code upgrade
  • Introduction of hashed password schemes
  • Added features to support migration

atmail mail server 1.1.0

  • Optional admin search – use Logstash to grep syslog and parse/save to elasticsearch
  • Administration logging and reporting via Logstash and ElasticSearch (external installation)
  • Some features require administrators to follow our help centre documentation for configuration changes during upgrades.
  • Mail server administration logging and reporting requires Logstash and Elasticsearch to be installed. Documentation is here.

atmail (minor update) – on-premises

  • Improved autoreply to specify the sender’s email address

Some features require administrators to follow our help centre documentation for configuration changes during upgrades.


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The Details

atmail webmail – 8.2.0

  • Improved help documentation
  • Added shared calendar support
  • Right clicks on new thread items now move already open menu to new thread list item
  • CalendarListItem.js removed console.log()
  • Added in-app calendar sharing help
  • Added hint in UI to reduce confusion for password reset dialogs
  • General cleanup of debug logs
  • Added thread list context menu to help documentation
  • Fixed Firefox upload attachment freeze issue
  • Fixed X-JMAP-Extensions in event source to append :1 to each extension name
  • Removed edit/delete options from UI for read-only events
  • Fixed display of autocomplete list
  • Update code to use react-router v4
  • Allow editing of IMAP service account password
  • Fixed remove flag
  • Added ‘archive’ option for mail
  • Include font options in the composers toolbar
  • Added a fix to prevent the submenus from flickering open/closed when re-rendered
  • Reposition menu when beyond window edges
  • Highlight formatting options in use in wysiwyg toolbars
  • Hides the timezone details in attached events as we display them in the local datetime
  • Now correctly handles event invitations sent to an alias
  • Don’t show empty event notes
  • Correctly open events in the agenda view
  • Fixed thread ordering
  • If a new event form is already open, creating another new event will now reload the form with the new date/time
  • Emails with no subject now display ‘(no subject)’
  • Double clicking on an event will now open it in edit mode
  • Correct collapsed messages overlap
  • General improvement in error handling
  • Double-click on a time/day slot now opens the new event form
  • Support creating a new event by drag and selecting times on the calendar
  • Added support for migration statuses
  • Ensure all day events don’t grow in duration when dragging and dropping
  • Support drag and dropping of events to change their date/time
  • Add ability to add an emailers details as a contact
  • Prevent proptype warning with the “all” group not having an ID
  • Re-fetch message after loading to avoid undefined message body error
  • Added features to support ‘add to contacts’
  • Improve toggling themes for all components
  • Added ability to print single message from a thread
  • Show alert if trying to save a contact while photo is still uploading
  • Improve showing and removing of avatars
  • Show contact avatars when viewing mail
  • Only show populated fields when viewing a contact
  • Wrap text on long attachment names
  • Support font, link and image commands in toolbars
  • Display attached event dates as “user” (determine by users timezone setting) values
  • Ensure multi day and all day events end at the end of the day


atmail API server – 8.2.0

  • Added forgotten password functionality and callbacks
  • Add nil check for processed enmime envelope
  • Use the NAMESPACE delimiter for the virtual namespace, for mdbox
  • Fix behaviour when empty props array passed into GetProperty. Now all props requested.
  • Added code to prevent index out of bound during mail fetch
  • Filtered out DAV containers that do not support VEVENTS
  • Total now excludes messages with Deleted, no need to filter; Messages with Deleted flag MUST NOT be visible to JMAP
  • Log level incorrect for for Quota error
  • Fix NPE on setMailboxes with parentID not set
  • Fixed  API server parse email date failure issue
  • Fix API admin identity list and add
  • Fix exclusive client access violation on Check
  • Fixed API admin service add error on MySQL due to zero date issue
  • Improved threading
  • Added a backup no threading implemention
  • Added x_atmail_calendar_acl extension to support shared calendars
  • Changed logger output to not include date stamp during  API admin usage
  • Added heavy logging during debug mode for provisioning
  • Added DAV server schema version detection to provisioning; Provision/de-provision system now supports DAV server version 3.0.x > 3.2.x schema
  • Update to airbrake v3 API
  • Fixed inverted error check for GetAccountStatus
  • Fixed inverted logic check for connectFailure
  • Fixed setCalendars trying to check if contacts account is readonly
  • Fixed error strings for GetCalDavClient and GetCardDavClient to return descriptive errors
  • Fixed panic if account missing contact account when instancing _caldav_ client
  • Improved show-config output for apiserver binary
  • Fixed password generation issue with apiadmin
  • corrected issue where connection status is only set on failure of imap connection
  • Add missing check for NAMESPACE capability
  • Corrected bug where owner was wrong – now uses ‘organiser’ from dav response
  • Fix MAILSERVER_URL default value
  • Corrected a few issues with getAccountIDs where shadowed variables overwrote result and missing transaction database usage
  • License error are now streamed via EventSource
  • Refactored filtering of contact properties
  • Fixed IsTerminal usage for API admin
  • Fixed getContacts respecting properties requested
  • Improved provisioning for USERS that have a ACCOUNT but not SERVICE accounts setup
  • Fixed vcard unmarshal to follow RFC2425 section 5.8.2
  • Added download image from vcard feature
  • Fixed ‘other’ field being ignored for contacts
  • Corrected bug where calendars with alpha channel stored are presented in frontend as red

Known Issue

  • A blank {} properties is treated as NULL for getContacts


atmail DAV server – 1.1.0

  • Added features to support upcoming migrations from atmail on-premises
  • Upgraded base code to 3.2.0 from upstream provider
  • Normalised end of lines
  • Removed PHP 5.5 specific code to resolve PHP 5.4 support
  • Polyfilled required DateTimeImmutable + DateTimeInterface for PHP 5.4 support
  • Added CalDAV/Subscriptions plugin
  • Added DAV/Sharing plugin
  • Fixed duplicate STATUS message on CANCEL ITIP message
  • Fixed PDO connection to use UTF8
  • Added,, for different sections of original (These three new files should be included in distributed package)
  • Added description for configuration options in
  • Removed unused CHANGELOG
  • Added memory and execution limit settings
  • Added warning output to log if memory limits hit
  • Added support global address book – disabled by default
  • Added unique index on cards similar to calendar events
  • Added password hash modes
  • Changed from digest to basic auth for support of hash modes
  • Added database migration scripts
  • Now applies atmail schema to DAV database – allows version control
  • Added switch to enable/disable browser plugin


atmail mail server – 1.1.0

  • Changed default mailbox format mdbox for new installations
  • Changed default namespace separator to / for new installations
  • Removed duplicate global brand option
  • Added new config/inventory vars/values to support new mbox type and separator
  • Fixed session timeout to logout correctly
  • Fixed issues where if no data to graph nothing is presented
  • Improved security settings for log pages
  • Added mailserver disk usage report
  • Fixed sent/received mail log issue
  • Added export log data
  • Added administration logging and reporting via logstash and elastic search
  • Edit account > first/last name fields are mandatory, but not actually
  • Added user auditing
  • Improved the reset password link – hard to see
  • Fixed when “Use password policy” is off I can still edit
  • DAV provisioning now supports new password col and using password schema specified by mailserver
  • Removed ‘realm’ as now unused


Admin Logs – Elasticsearch Installation


How can I enable logging within my webadmin UI?


atmail mail server – 1.1.0 +


Requirement to enable dashboard logs within the webadmin UI


To install Logstash and Elasticsearch for dashboard logs, complete the following steps:

⚠ Please Note:
Java is required to be installed. (

Install Elasticsearch

Add the required repository

$nano /etc/yum.repos.d/elasticsearch.repo

name=Elasticsearch repository for 2.x packages

Install Elasticsearch using yum

$ yum install elasticsearch

Start and enable the Elasticsearch service

$ systemctl start elasticsearch
$ systemctl enable elasticsearch

Install Logstash

Add the required repository

$ nano /etc/yum.repos.d/logstash.repo

name=logstash repository for 2.2 packages

Install Logstash using yum

$ yum install Logstash

Start and enable the Logstash service

$ systemctl start logstash
$ systemctl enable logstash


atmail (minor update)

⚠ Please Note:
Version contains minor bug and security fixes for the atmail 7.8 release.
For full details on the atmail 7.8 release, click here.

New Feature

  • Improved autoreply to specify the sender’s email address


  • Removed the first/last name from mandatory fields on UI
  • Added email validation to Aliases form
  • Improved to support multiple memcache servers
  • Added table fields for migration
  • Updated welcome email to be sent through actual SMTP
  • Improved RTE to dismiss colour picker by clicking background
  • Fixed bug with IMAP cache


  • Fixed bug with download eml file attached
  • Fixed bug with calendar bug due to unexpected deletion data
  • Fixed bug with db installation
  • Fixed bug with draft folder message counting
  • Fixed bug with delete all licences
  • Fixed bug with email body rendering
  • Fixed bug with white/black list having whitespaces
  • Fixed bug with incorrect sent/recv log display
  • Fixed 404 page link on plugin page
  • Fixed bug with email subject containing UTF8 chars
  • Improved email body rendering to allow css style tag
  • Fixed bug with logout if [delete trash on logout] enabled.
  • Fixed bug with email delete on 3pane view.
  • Fixed bug with login if no Log_Login table
  • Fixed bug with email list
  • Fixed bug with decoding header mime
  • Improved email address validator
  • Fixed bug with email body rendering


Need further information?

For more information about our atmail product updates, please visit our Help Centre here.

Or to contact Support, please email

Thanks and enjoy your week!


Update 12 October 2017:

atmail suite hotfix released today here




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