January 6, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year!

2015 was a fantastic year for atmail!

From new appointments, vast product improvements and some industry-leading customer service,  atmail is reaching new heights and ready to revolutionise email in 2016.

Read below for a summary of the last year and on behalf of all the team here at atmail, we wish you all another wonderful year.

Product Improvements

Back in September, we launched our Mobile App with many unique features including support for Gmail, Yahoo and many other clients.Read more about the app here.

Throughout the year our email solution saw significant performance improvements! (For example, our tests show page load times are down 50% since version 7.5.1was released)

To read a full list of every new release of atmail, improvements and bug fixes check out our changelog over in our help centre.

Customer Service

2015 has been the year of improvement for atmail customer service.

Out time to first reply of support tickets has gone from an average of 21 hours in 2013 (Almost a day!) to an average of 1 hour.

The uptime of AtmailCloud between July and December was  99.999%, the only hitch being a DDOS attack in early November that was swifly extinguished.

Unsurprisingly, these improvements have lead to an average client satisfaction rating of 91%, proving that our support is truly world class.

New Team Members

With all the growth atmail saw this year, we’ve brought some new talent onboard to help us scale.

Atmail would like to welcome Adam Jervis as our new Director, Sales and Marketing.

We’re always searching for new atmailers. To learn more about the team and view our open positions click here and follow through the Contact Us link to apply.

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