January 16, 2018

5 Good Reasons to Meet atmail at MWC 2018 Barcelona

Are you heading to Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 Barcelona and wanting to line up some useful meetings, so that you’re not lost in the sea of MWC’s 108,000+ attendees? If yes, smart move. We’d love to meet you at MWC and shout you a coffee, a meal and/or a Barcelona tour for us to catch up, if you’re a telco or service provider with an email platform headache?


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If it sounds good but you need a little nudge before you register your interest, here are five good reasons to meet atmail at MWC 2018 Barcelona:

1. Your current email platform is painful

With 20 years of email experience, we are a trusted email hosting partner who knows how to take away email platform pain. We offer both cloud and on-premises solutions. For cloud solutions, we can help you save money on infrastructure and maintenance costs by providing an all-inclusive, white labelled, worry-free, hosted email solution. You also have the option to choose between our US and EU data centres. Or if you’d prefer to retain control of your data on your own servers, our on-premises email solutions can help you save money (because you’ll only pay for the services and support you need to supplement your internal team) as well as improve your email service. Either way, we can take away your email pain so that you can forget about email and get back to focussing on your core business.

2. You’re curious how to make the most of your 5G network slices

We’re not just an email company – we’re a partner for your 5G network slices. We are passionate about tapping into the power of 5G network slices and we’ve developed our first prototype for a 5G native UX solution that will give you (and your customers) better data insights, as well as help you to reduce your costs while you increase your revenues. We’re also keen to develop more solutions (with telcos and service providers) for the upcoming 5G transition and invite you to brainstorm innovative solutions with us over a meal at Mobile World Congress.

3. You’d rather have real conversations than be lectured to

Sometimes the difference between a major headache or not in your portfolio is just meeting the right people to help you and having real conversations with people who can solve your problem. But, let’s face it, you’re never going to meet people if you spend four days being lectured to at MWC. So, why not schedule some conversations with trusted partners (like us) who can help you solve your email and 5G network slice problems, so your trip to MWC Barcelona shows some immediate ROI?

4. Conferences make you claustrophobic

Being trapped in the same building – day in and day out – for four days straight, can make anyone claustrophobic. Why not let us take you out of the building for some fresh air, a change of scenery and a coffee/meal at a local Barcelona cafe? That way, we can both combine business (solving email platform issues) with pleasure (a social meal in an amazing city). Sound better than another day stuck inside the same conference walls?

5. You want to see Barcelona

How many times have you flown across the world for a conference, but returned home without seeing any of the local sights? Don’t let that happen in Barcelona next month. We’re determined to see Barcelona’s sights while we’re there for MWC18. Want to see some Barcelona sights with us, on a dedicated Barcelona Segway or walking tour?


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