February 5, 2019

50 Global Telco Conferences in 2019

If you work in telecoms, love expanding your horizons and are keen to travel to a telecom conference this year, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re hoping to connect with peers in Europe, break into markets in Latin America or catch keynotes in Cape Town, there’s bound to be a telecom conference for you in our annual list of global telco conferences below. From Puerto Rico to Kobe, Bangkok to Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi to Toronto and more, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

Hot topics in this year’s agendas? Blockchain in telecom; IoT; 5G; AI; VOIP; digital transformation; telco clouds; process automation; network security; internet infrastructure strategy; telco-as-a-service; data monetisation; WISPs; and many more.

Managing (and monetising) telco customer email platforms still doesn’t seem to rate a conference track of its own, but if you’re a telco, ISP or WISP wanting a trusted email services provider to help you brainstorm better ways to manage your customer email platform, as well as fight churn and grow revenue, we’d love to meet you at one of these events this year and/or return your enquiry here. With 20 years of experience providing white label email to the telco industry, we’re sure we can help and we’d love to meet you, wherever you will be this year. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This list is not all-inclusive and atmail is not associated with any of the events listed.

*Rates subject to change and provided as a courtesy only. No responsibility will be taken for inaccurate rates. Thanks.



February 2019


1. RTIME by NTCA (Rural Broadband Association)

New Orleans, United States

3-6 February 2019

Cost: US$800 – 1,079*

Size: 2,000+ attendees expected

RTIME is the first major event in this year’s NTCA (Rural Broadband Association) line-up of meetups and conferences for rural telcos in the United States.

The theme of the event is [R]evolution…

“Innovation is driving the future, demand for online experiences is growing, and rural broadband is in the spotlight. Be a part of rural America’s largest annual telecommunications industry event and learn how you can:

  • [R]e think your approach to standalone broadband offerings and edge-out strategies
  • [R]e invent the future by sharing the story of your connected community
  • [R]e engage for success in competitive expansions and new business ventures


2. Capacity Caribbean 2019

San Juan, Puerto Rico

11-13 February 2019

Cost: USD$1,199* (early bird tickets)

Size: 200+ attendees expected

The demand for internet services continues to grow in the Caribbean and Capacity Caribbean 2019 aims to bring more than 200 senior-level executives together this February to network, connect and talk about Caribbean telco innovation projects.


3. Capacity India and SAARC 2019

New Delhi, India

12-13 February 2019

Cost: USD$899* (super early bird tickets)

Size: 600+ attendees expected

Now in its second year, Capacity India and SAARC has partnered with Datacloud India – a leading digital infrastructure conference series. Attendees can attend both Datacloud India SAARC 2019 and Capacity India & SAARC 2019 on the 12 and 13 of February, while making the most of the networking opportunities also available on both days.

Speakers include Tarun Singh from HGC Global Communications Limited, Harsha Solanki from Infobip and Abu Saeed Khan from ADN Telecom Ltd.


4. Europe 2019 GCCM

London, England

13-14 February 2019

Cost: £450*

Size: 900+ attendees expected

Run by the global Carrier Community, Europe 2019 GCCM expects to attract more than 900 club members, representing 400+ international and regional telecom operators. While many will be attending for the executive panel sessions, this conference also includes full-day business networking sessions – making it a great option if you’re prioritising networking in Europe in 2019.


5. M3AAWG (45th General Meeting)

San Francisco, United States

18-21 February 2019

Cost: US$500* (only open to members and invited guests)

Founded in 2004, M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) focuses on internet abuse and has more than 200 members worldwide. Sponsors include Orange, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Members include ESPs, ISPs, telcos, social networking companies, antivirus vendors and more.

M3AAWG meetings are about fighting the good fight against viruses, malware, spam and more. The goal is to work together to prevent and stop online abuse.

M3AAWG also has meetings scheduled this year for Budapest, Hungary, 3-6 June and Montreal, Canada, 14-17 June.


March 2019


6. Capacity Middle East 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4-7 March 2019

Cost: US$1,799* (early bird tickets)

Size: 1,700+ attendees expected

Capacity Middle East is promoted as the region’s largest carrier event. More than 1,700 senior-level attendees are expected, from more than 475 companies, representing more than 85 countries.

Attendees represent internet service providers, data centres, SMS, voice, OTT providers, data, ISPs and more.

The four-day event will include speakers from Telstra, BTC, Verizon, Orange and more.


7. Media and Telecoms 2019 & Beyond

London, England

7 March 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 450+

Media and Telecoms 2019 & Beyond is an invitation-only conference hosted by Deloitte. With more than 450 senior attendees expected to gather and debate some of the forces shaping media and communications, this aims to be a thought-provoking event on news, telecoms and advertising.

2019 speakers have not yet been announced, but 2018’s event saw representatives speak from: BT; Telefonica; Virgin Media; Vodafone; Elsevier; Barclays; Ofcom; BBC; Facebook; and more.


8. ICANN 64

Kobe, Japan

9-14 March 2019

Cost: Free*

Size: Unknown

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organisation that coordinates the procedures and maintenance of several databases, ensuring the internet’s stable and secure operation.

ICANN general meetings are geared toward the service provider/ISP/telco space and this year’s 64th public meeting will be in Kobe, Japan. Participation is free and if you don’t plan to attend in person, you can also attend remotely.


9. Telecom Executive Forum

Clearwater, United States

10-12 March 2019

Cost: US$869 – $1,049*

Size: 130+ attendees expected

Run by the NTCA (Rural Broadband Association), the Telecom Executive Forum is being promoted as the “ultimate and exclusive networking event for telco executives to discuss topics that are the most pertinent to the success of rural telecommunications”.

Topics include: economic development; building a smart rural community; culture change; technologies of the future; and next-generation leadership. If you’re hoping to make connections with executive folk in the rural telco industry in North America, this could be a good option for you.


10. Capacity LATAM 2019

Sao Paulo, Brazil

11-13 March 2019

Cost: USD$999* (early bird tickets)

Size: 600+ attendees expected

Capacity LATAM is touted as largest wholesale telecoms meeting in Latin America. This event is for regional wholesale telcos who are buying and selling services in content delivery, data, VOIP, IP, Peering, SMS, capacity and more.

Speakers include: Rafael Arranz from Telxius; Larry Schwartz from Seaborn Networks; and Antonio Nunes from Angola Cables.


11. Asia 2019 GCCM


14-15 March 2019

Cost: €450*

Size: 450 attendees expected

Asia’s version of the 2019 GCCM conference is in March this year. The CC-Submarine Summit is taking place on the 14th and 15th and all GCCM registered guests can access this complementary Summit for free.


12. Telecoms World Asia 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

26-27 March 2019

Cost: US$1,360* (If booked before 15 February)

Size: 600+ attendees expected

Telecoms World Asia, a key event for telcos in Asia for more than 19 years, will be focused this year on:

  • IoT – unlocking opportunities in industry 4.0 and smart cities
  • Networks Virtualisation – transforming the network through cloud technologies and virtualisation
  • 5G – next-generation mobile connectivity
  • Telco 4.0 – new business models, partnerships, and innovation
  • Wholesale – Content, capacity and collaboration

Just a few of the early confirmed speakers include: Simon Delord from Telstra Australia; Erik Meijer from Deutsche Telekom Germany; and Shao Wei Ying from Dataspark, Singapore.



Cincinnati, United States

19-21 March 2019

Cost: US$150 – US$599*

Size: 900+ attendees expected

In its 7th year, WISPAMERICA 2019 expects to be one of the largest gatherings of ISPs/WISPs for 2019. Their 3-day event will feature more than 50 interactive sessions for industry leaders, operators, programmers, technicians, sales and marketing teams, HR managers and more.


14. Canwisp

Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada

25-27 March 2019

Cost: US$225 – US$325* (early bird rates)

Size: 250 attendees expected

Also in its 7th year, the Canwisp 2019 Conference (and AGM) is a relatively small and intimate event, aiming to attract WISPs, manufacturers, suppliers and industry regulators. Details on the web site are limited but if you’re interested, feel free to reach out to the organisers for more details.


April 2019


15. Telco Automation Everywhere

New York City, United States

2 April 2019

Cost: US$699* (if booked before 9 March)

Size: 150+ attendees expected

Telco Automation Everywhere will be entering its second year this April. This event brings together OTTs, systems integrators, and communications service providers.

Topics in 2019 will include:

  • Analytics
  • RPA
  • Telemetry
  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • virtualization
  • And more


16. Conecta Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

3-4 April 2019

Cost: US$725 – $1,346*

Size: 350+ attendees

Conecta Mexico brings 35 speakers together with industry leaders from Mexico and beyond, with the goal of networking and discussing key telco industry topics for leaders in 2019.


17. 5G and LTE Latin America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22-24 April 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to visit Brazil… this could be it. 5G and LTE Latin America is the said to be the largest Latin American event to focus on the business implications and opportunities of both 4G and 5G networks.

This two-day conference looks at the initiatives and plans of mobile operators in Latin America, including the potential of 5G and deployment plans using LTE. Other themes will include; AI and automation; network communications; IoT; and more.

Other conferences in the regional series include: 5G MENA; 5G Asia; LTE Voice; 5G North America; and LTE Africa.


18. CX Exchange Telecoms

London, England

29-30 April 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 70 attendees expected

CX Exchange Telecoms is the telco event in the CX Exchange series. This invitation-only forum may be a lot smaller than some of the above conferences, but it’s well worth a mention because of the seniority and reach of the people who will likely attend.

In order to request an invitation, you must be able to say ‘yes’ to two of the following:

  • My company’s annual turnover is €1 billion or above;
  • I sit in the C-suite or report directly to the C-suite;
  • I control or directly influence where customer experience budget is spent;
  • I control or directly influence corporate strategy at regional, divisional or group level; and/or
  • I have a personal annual [employer] budget of €1 million or above.


May 2019


19. Big 5G Event

Denver, United States

6-8 May 2019

Cost: US$1,099 – $2,499*

Size: 1500+

What do you get when you combine 1,500 telco professionals, 460+ global service providers and 150+ inspirational speakers? The Big 5G Event. In 2019, 5G North America and the Big Communications Event will be merging and the subsequently named Big 5G Event is the result.

Topics to be covered include:

  • SDN;
  • 5G RAN;
  • Network security;
  • Process automation;
  • Edge computing;
  • NFV;
  • AI/analytics;
  • 5G core; and
  • SD-WAN.


20. Broadband Forum Asia

Bangkok, Thailand

7-8 May 2019

Cost: $799 – $1,399*

Size: 500+ attendees expected

Broadband Forum Asia attracts broadcasters, ISPs and telco operators from Asia and beyond.

Past speakers have included; Axiata Group; TRUE Corporation; Sri Lanka Telecom; Telenor Myanmar; AT&T; and Globe Telecom.

2019 topics will include:

  • Making broadband access achievable and affordable for all;
  • Investment, policy and partnership driving connectivity;
  • Network evolution to meet customer demand;
  • Game-changing strategies for competition, pricing, marketing, partnerships, piracy and brand recognition; and more.


21. Digital Transformation World (TM Forum)

Nice, France

14-16 May 2019

Cost: $US499 – $2,199*

Size: TBC

Digital Transformation World 2019 will combine one-on-one meetings with innovation tours and full conference sessions.

This year’s agenda includes:

  • AI adoption strategies;
  • Digital transformation;
  • Digital maturity;
  • Data management and government;
  • 5G;
  • Building cybersecurity capabilities and trust;
  • Monetising IoT and 5G; and more.


22. East AfricaCom

Nairobi, Kenya

14-15 May 2019

Cost: £900 – £1,500*

Size: 14,000 attendees expected

East AfricaCom is advertised as the most influential place for technology, broadcasting, media and telecoms leaders hoping to do business in East Africa and make connections.

Speakers have not yet been announced, but here is the topic line up for 2019:

  • Technology in focus;
  • AHUB East start-up space;
  • East AfricaCom Awards and after-party;
  • Expert ICT strategy guidance;
  • Leaders in Africa Boardrooms;
  • Digital broadcasting breakout; and more.


23. CEE 2019 GCMM

Berlin, Germany

14-15 May 2019

Cost: €450*

Size: 400+

Global telecom club Carrier Community is organising the 6th annual Central Eastern Europe conference in Berlin in May. More than 180 telecom operators from around the world will be enjoying this private, relaxed environment. If you’re looking for both executive panel sessions and networking sessions, you might find both here.


24. MVNOS World Congress

Amsterdam, Netherlands

21-24 May 2019

Cost: €899*

Size: 800+ attendees expected

MVNOS World Congress is promoted as the only global event dedicated to MVNOs. It offers four days of networking and learning from 130 different speakers, with a focus on growth and innovation in the MVNO space. If you’re hoping to network, problem solve and brainstorm, this could be the place to do it.

Topics this year include: blockchain; IoT; wholesale; disrupters; fintech; and eSIM.


June 2019


25. Canadian Telecom Summit

Toronto, Canada

3-5 June 2019

Cost: US$1,800 – $2,500*

Size: Unknown

Now in its 18th year, Canadian Telecom Summit is one of Canada’s leading ICT events, attracting movers and shakers from Canada and beyond, who want to discuss the future direction of communications and information technology in Canada.

“The theme this year is “Converging networks: a foundation for innovation leadership” and in-depth panels will examine:

  • Regulatory blockbuster;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Technology innovation;
  • Cyber security and privacy;
  • Network innovation: 5G and more;
  • Innovation economy; and
  • Customer experience management.


26. 5G World

London, England

11-13 June 2019

Cost: £1,395*

Size: 2500+

5G World is a CPD-certified event and as one of Europe’s leading 5G event, it could be an opportunity to meet hundreds of IoT specialists, enterprises, senior level operators and buyers.

This year, 5G World’s topics include: 5G enabled mobility; 5G-ready transport architecture; network-as-a-service; virtualisation and the 5G Cloud; and more.


27. Conecta Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

12-13 June 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Conecta Latam’s Conecta Colombia will combine top-level industry speakers with dynamic networking activities. This conference is for anyone considering doing business in this region – where strong connections and relationships are important.


28. ITS Europe Conference 2019

Helsinki, Finland

16-19 June 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

The 30th European conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS) will take place this year in Helsinki, Finland. While details are still to be released, the theme is ‘Towards a Connected and Automated Society’. The conference will focus on how cloud-based applications on our smartphones are dramatically moulding our daily life.


29. Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Americas

Washington DC, United States

25-26 June 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

The CEM in Telecoms Americas Summit is an excellent conference if you’re hoping to prepare for the new era of customer experience. 2018 speakers included: ClickSoftware; T-mobile US; Comcast; Verizon; and AT&T.

The agenda and speakers for 2019 are yet to be released, but expect to delve further into customer behaviours and customer centricity, with the goal of providing the best possible service for your valued customer base.


30. International Telecoms Week

Atlanta, United States

23-26 June 2019

Cost: US$575*

Size: 6900+

International Telecoms Week is just that – international. Attracting more than 6,900 delegates from more than 135 companies, this is an excellent chance to network with telco wholesale players. The agenda for the four days has yet to be released.


31. Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Shanghai, China

26-28 June 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 60,000 attendees expected

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai is Asia’s biggest mobile event. The three-day conference includes more than 550 exhibitors, as well as presentations from some of the industry’s best and most respected speakers – all in incredible Shanghai.

The full agenda is yet to be announced, but draft MWC Shanghai events include: Global Device Summit; Blockchain Summit; Smart City Summit; and Woman4Tech Summit.


August 2019


32. LATAM 2019 GCCM

São Paulo, Brazil

20-21 August 2019

Cost: €450*

Size: 250+ attendees expected

Latin America’s version of the 2018 GCCM conference will be in São Paulo, Brazil, this August. This is the 5th annual LATAM GCCM and is hoping to attract members from segments such as: ISP; Mobile; OTT; VAS; application providers; cloud; data; and more. There should be plenty of networking opportunities here, along with discussions and panel sessions.


September 2019


33. CIS 2019 GCCM

Almaty, Kazakhstan

3-4 September 2019

Cost: €450*

Size: 350+ attendees expected

Central Asia’s version of the 2019 GCCM conference will be in Almaty, Kazakhstan this September. Carrier Community will organise one-to-one meetings, round-table discussions, networking and leisure activities for attendees.


34. ITU Telecom World 2019

Budapest, Hungary

9-12 September 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 9,000 attendees expected

ITU Telecom World 2019 is moving from Durban, South Africa to Budapest, Hungary. This is an annual ICT event organised by ITU Telecom, which is part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

This is said to be a leading platform for leaders from tech SMEs, industry and government to be inspired, connect and build relationships. The agenda and speakers are yet to be released.


35. 5G Asia


10-12 September 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 6000+ attendees expected

While the speakers and agenda have not yet been released for 5G Asia, this conference is now in its 12th year and attracts more than 6000 attendees to Singapore each year. If you’re wondering what the future will bring for 5G and what to expect over the next few years, this conference might be a good option for you.


36. Carriers World

London, England

11-12 September 2019

Cost: £700* (before 22 February)

Size: 700+ attendees expected

Hoping to attract telecom carriers far and wide, Carriers World‘s theme this year is, “Building ecosystems for the digital world”.

The 2019 speaker line up has not yet been released, but we’re going to assume that it’ll be similar to the 2018 speaker line up, which included: BT; Telstra; Vodafone; Tata Communications; Hot Telecom; GTT; Altice; HGC; Telenor; Microsoft; and more.


37. ITCN Asia

Karachi, Pakistan

17-19 September 2019

Cost: US$0-$5*

Size: 67,000+

ITCN Asia IT and Telecom Show will be entering its 19th year in 2019. While the speakers and agenda have yet to be published, the organisers are predicting more than 600 brands, 500 exhibitors and more than 67,000 participants.

The “most powerful brands of the world will showcase their state-of-the-art products and services which would allow the user community to get exposure to a wide range of technology and solutions under one roof.”


38. Telco Transformation Latam

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18-19 September 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 400+ attendees expected

Conecta Latam’s Total Transformation Latam will be in Rio de Janeiro this year and hopes to attract speakers of the same calibre as 2018 (eg. from companies such as Telefonica, TIM, Algar Telecom, DirectTV Latam, Clear and more).

Draft 2019 topics include: Revenue assurance; fraud; big data analytics; network transformation; customer experience management; and general telco digital transformation in Latin America.


39. Telecoms World Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

24-25 September 2019

Cost: US$500*

Size: 1,000+ attendees expected

Telecoms World Middle East combines four events under the one platform:

  • Telecoms World Middle East;
  • Carriers World Middle East;
  • Submarine Networks Middle East; and
  • Telecoms World Awards.

2019 speakers have not yet been announced, but the agenda currently includes:

  • Cybersecurity;
  • Finance and investment;
  • Business models;
  • Smart living;
  • 5G;
  • IoT;
  • Visualisation;
  • SDN, NFV and virtualisation; as well as
  • TV and broadcasting.


October 2019



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

6-10 October 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 150,000+ attendees expected

GITEX is known as the “biggest and boldest technology show in MENA and South Asia”. If you love tech and you like to keep your finger on the pulse, this is a great opportunity to get insight into the industry and rub shoulders with telco (and other) industry representatives from around the world.

Speakers have not yet been announced, but in 2018, more than 120 speakers covered everything from the millennial consumer to smart cities and healthcare.


41. India Mobile Congress

New Delhi, India

14-16 October 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 56,000+ attendees expected

India Mobile Congress saw more than 56,000 attendees last year, with topics that included: smart cities; enabling futuristic networks; digital identity; digital infrastructure; artificial intelligence; and more.

Details for 2019 are yet to be released, but we’ll be attending, so maybe we’ll see you there?


42. Broadband World Forum

Amsterdam, Netherlands

15-17 October 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 4,500 attendees expected

This year, the Broadband World Forum is moving from Berlin to Amsterdam. This is promoted as the largest network-focused event in the world, where attendees will “achieve 6 months’ worth of meetings in 3 days.”

If you’re interested in updates on technology, standards, policy and regulation, along with announcements and product launches, this may be the conference for you. The agenda and speakers are yet to be announced.


43. MVNOs Europe

London, England

15- 16 October 2019

Cost: £499*+VAT for MVNOs, £899*+VAT for MNOs, £1500*+VAT for all other attendees (all prices only if you book by 16 August)

Size: 350+ attendees expected

The 16th annual MVNOs Europe will be held in London and your MVNOs Europe pass also gives you access to e-SIM Connect, to allow you to also meet 200 more e-SIM industry experts.

The speakers and agenda still need to be announced, but speakers from last year included: Lycamobile Group; Sky Mobile; Telenor Digital; and Contained Technologies UK.


44. MWC Los Angeles

Los Angeles, United States

22-24 October 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 22,000+ attendees (4,000+ conference attendees) expected

Mobile World Congress Americas has been renamed and will now be MWC Los Angeles.

In 2018, close to 1,000 participating companies showcased innovative services and products and 2019 is expected to be bigger than ever before. Speakers have not yet been announced, but 2018 speakers included:

  • Alex Wallace, OTT Video Production and Distribution VP;
  • Darcy Antonellis, Vubiquity CEO; and
  • Richard Plebler, HVO Chairman and CEO.


45. Total Telecom Congress

London, England

29-30 October 2019

Cost: £745*

Size: 1,000+ attendees

More than 300 speakers and 1,000 attendees are expected to attend Total Telecom Congress in London in October (we’ll be there too!).

This event gathers professionals from the consulting, finance and telco industries, covering topics such as:

  • Network transformation;
  • 5G;
  • Data-driven technologies;
  • Customer;
  • Corporate strategy;
  • IoT;
  • New commercial models; and
  • Content.


46. Futurecom

São Paulo, Brazil

28-31 October 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 29,000 attendees expected

Now in its 21st year, Futurecom is said by the organisers to be the “largest and most important event of telecommunications, technology and digital transformation in Latin America”.

Standalone sessions, debate panels, workshops and study cases are combined with exhibitions, networking opportunities and the chance to interact with the latest technologies.

While the agenda and speaker list are yet to be released, there’s no doubt that this large event will have plenty to offer in 2019.


November 2019


47. Canadian ISP Summit

Toronto, Canada

4-6 November 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

The Canadian ISP Summit is a multi-day conference that allows attendees to address the challenges and opportunities of the current ISP environment.

Brought to you by The Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (CNOC), the Summit aims to be “a compelling event that addresses the issues that matter most to our community, encourages open communication, stimulates interaction and unites us all in the common goal of thriving in the midst of constant change.

The Summit will feature keynote speeches, general session presentations, general session panels and lightning talks. Representatives from various ILECs, carriers, industry and hardware vendors are on hand to help you answer questions regarding sales opportunities. The conference provides a unique opportunity for service providers to network with each other and talk to industry leader technology vendors.”


48. Voice & Advanced Communications Summit

Berlin, Germany

4-6 November 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: 170+ companies expected

This year, the Voice & Advanced Communications Summit has moved from Amsterdam to Berlin. Since this conference isn’t until November, few details about the 2019 speakers, agenda, and tickets have been released. But in 2018, the speakers came from companies such as: Telenor; Deutsche Telekom; Vodafone; Orange; Hot Telecom; BT Group; GSMA; and Telefonica.


49. Conecta Latam

Miami, United States

November 2019

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Conecta Latam is another conference by Conecta. Dates have not yet been released, however, they have said that it will be in November. This year’s theme is CariCam and digital transformation.


50. Messaging & SMS World

London, England

November 2019 (Exact date TBC)

Cost: TBC

Size: TBC

Messaging & SMS World is another conference from Capacity Conferences that aims to bring together innovators in RTC technology, MNOs, wholesale carriers, SMS aggregators and more.

The exact date is yet to be announced but at the time of writing, the organisers confirmed that it will go ahead sometime in November 2019.


Special Mentions

These January events have passed, but if they are of interest, you might like to tentatively mark your calendars to investigate these telco conferences for 2020 before this year is out.

Pacific Telecommunications Council, Honolulu, Hawaii, 20-23 January 2019

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit, London, England, 29-31 January 2019

Thanks for visiting our annual atmail list of global telco conferences and all the very best for 2019!


Written by Andrea Martins and Stacey Kuyf


Reminder: This list is not all-inclusive and atmail is not associated with any of the events listed.

*Rates subject to change and provided as a courtesy only. No responsibility will be taken for inaccurate rates. Thanks.


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