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February 1, 2021

Why atmail?

One of the most common questions in B2B business is, “Why should we choose you, when there are competitors knocking on the door right behind you?”.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, specifically in terms of why our email hosting customers come to us, what problems they need help to solve, and which of those problems we are best placed to solve with them.

Based on customer and prospect feedback, as well as much discussion internally, we’ve (re)articulated our response to the “Why you?” question, in twelve, easy, bite-size pieces…


Why atmail?

  1. We help you save money;
  2. We help you generate profits;
  3. We focus on security;
  4. We safeguard your privacy;
  5. We care about user experience (UX);
  6. We enable you to grow;
  7. You keep brand mindshare;
  8. You can trust our reliability;
  9. You tailor your support;
  10. You can tap into our migration expertise;
  11. You are invited to deal with us directly; and
  12. You can influence our product roadmap.


Why atmail page 1 of 3

Why atmail page 2 of 3

Why atmail page 3 of 3

Why you?

When was the last time you reviewed your response to the “Why you?” question?

If it hasn’t been for a while, perhaps it’s time to rethink how you and your customers have evolved, so you can refresh how you articulate why you are (still) the best placed to provide solutions to the problems they are looking to solve?

For inspiration, we invite you to download our full “Why atmail?” PDF here (also pictured below).

Let us know how you go.


New to atmail?

atmail is an email solutions company with 22 years of global, white label, email expertise. You can trust us to deliver an email platform that is secure, stable and scalable. We power more than 170 million mailboxes worldwide and offer modern, white-labelled, cloud hosted email with your choice of US or (GDPR compliant) EU data centres. We also offer on-premises webmail and/or mail server options. To find out more, we invite you to enquire here.

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