November 20, 2017

What Are Our Most Popular FAQ at atmail?

Here at atmail, we’ve been in the email solutions business for a long time. Twenty years next year, to be exact. Over that time, we’ve released eight versions of our email software (the first version was in 1998 and was one of the world’s first commercial webmail platforms; and the eighth version was earlier this year with our release of atmail suite) and we’ve had thousands of conversations with our cloud and on-premises email customers.

The overarching theme that we’ve learned from those conversations is that our customers (and their shrinking IT budgets) don’t want all of the bells and whistles of a pricey email collaboration suite. Financial outlay is important to our customers, so their main focus is securing a cost-competitive email solution (by a trusted email hosting partner) that consistently delivers a reliable and positive user experience.

We’ve also learned the most popular FAQ from CIOs, Product Managers, Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers and IT Managers, when it comes to researching hosted email, email servers, email systems and more.

The most popular FAQ include:

  • What does a cloud or on-premises licence include?
  • Do you offer a free trial?
  • Is licensing done on a per-user basis?
  • Are multi-year contracts available for a discount?
  • How can I upgrade to your newest version?
  • Does your product offer premium support?
  • Can you provide help with migration?
  • Can you customise my installation for me?
  • What is the fastest way to reach you in case of emergency?
  • Can I white label your product and replace your logo with ours?
  • Do you offer additional branding and customisation?
  • Can I use your product on a custom domain and webmail server?
  • How many emails can be sent per user per hour?
  • What is the email send limit?
  • What is the maximum size allowed for an attachment?
  • Does your product include antispam?
  • Does your product include antivirus?
  • Does your product support multiple languages?
  • Can I use your product to add webmail, CalDAV/ calendars, CardDAV/ contacts, or WebDAV/ file storage features to my existing email server?
  • Is it possible to merge my existing contacts and calendar events from my database to your system?
  • What is your tech stack?
  • Do you have an API?
  • Do you include source-code?
  • Do you have client and sub-client control panels?
  • What is the minimum server configuration or technical specification required?
  • Can you log into our system to help us with “X”?
  • Can your product with Plesk?
  • Is it possible to manage more than one IMAP account at a time with the webmail client?
  • How do I backup or restore email with your service?
  • Is your product compatible with Windows clients, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Blackberry?
  • Can your product run on cPanel, Webmin, DirectAdmin or other control-panels?
  • And many more…


What’s new?

Whilst our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) have always been available online in our Help Centre, we’ve recently improved and expanded our FAQ – to answer not only all of your popular questions, but all of the questions you never knew you had.

We’ve also released handy PDF versions that make it easier to share our FAQ around your decision-making team.

So, if you’re currently researching email providers and best practice email solutions (or know someone who is), we invite you to:


FAQ for atmail’s 2017 products

FAQ - atmail - cloud email - frequently asked questions - hosted email - popular FAQ

FAQ atmail suite - on-premises - frequently asked questions - atmail email experts

FAQ - atmail mail server - on-premises email - frequently asked questions - popular FAQ








FAQ for atmail’s pre-2017 products

FAQ Cover - atmail - 7 cloud - frequently asked questions - hosted email - popular FAQ

FAQ - atmail 7 - on-premises email - frequently asked questions - popular FAQ









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