Great news! Our release last week of atmail suite (webmail) 8.6.0 means that atmail’s newest webmail version is now available in 11 languages.

Having serviced the global telco industry for the last 20+ years, we believe this will be wonderful news for our international telco and service provider customers (and ultimately, for their customers too).

For longtime atmail customers who might be asking, “But I thought atmail’s webmail was already available in multiple languages?” you are partly right. Older versions of atmail’s webmail allowed admins to add in their own translation packs, which effectively made our old webmail products multilingual.

However, the trouble with that approach was always that it opened our product up to some ‘interesting’, in-house, customer translations, which was never ideal for maintaining consistency in our user experience.

The difference with our new webmail is that we are offering language options out of the box, that do not require any local investment of time or resources for translation. This is a godsend for busy in-house email teams who can now ‘plug and play’ with confidence, thanks to our commitment to sourcing high quality, professional, human translators.


atmail webmail - 11 languages - multilingual email



Which 11 languages?

When we first launched our new webmail in March 2017, we started with these six out of the box languages:

1. English (UK)

2. German

3. Spanish

4. French

5. Italian

6. Japanese


Since then, we’ve responded to customer requests and have built up our ‘ready to go’ library to also include these five languages:

7. Dutch

8. Simplified Chinese

9. Swedish

10. Hebrew

11. Polish

And more languages coming soon!


Interested in a different language?

If you’re already an atmail customer, and you’d like to explore a different translation for your customer email platform, please get in touch here.

If you’re not already an atmail customer, but you’re interested in offering a modern, professionally-translated, user-friendly, out of the box webmail for your customers, we invite you to get in touch here.


New to atmail?

With 20 years of global, white label, email expertise serving telecommunications and hosting providers across every continent, you can trust us to deliver white label, email solutions that are stable, secure and scalable.

We power 170 million mailboxes and offer user-friendly, cloud hosted email with your choice of US or (GDPR compliant) EU data centres. Or, if you want to stay in-house, we offer on-premises webmail and/or mail server options.

For more information about how we can help, please contact us here.


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