Atmail promotion zones give you the opportunity to talk to your customers every day.
Offering several zones within webmail to cleverly place your messages and most importantly with over half an hour per day on your side, promotion zones are designed to promote your services (try out 5G, buy this phone / WiFi etc.) or leased to your strategic partners as a highly targeted and engaged space. The ROI for promotion zone can be baseline measured using the average CPM rate for your country however given the dwell time and targeted nature of the service the value is generally significantly higher. Conservatively promotion zone can offset about half of your email service costs without impacting on your customers experience with your brand.

Your job is to turn the zones into real revenue for your business:
There are 3 broad categories:

  1. General

    All brands have a value and continuing to build that value is important. Promotion zones are a valuable space for you to talk to your customers for half an hour every day. Knowing your customers come back each day dramatically changes how you should think about your marketing. Take your time, build the value then execute on the call to action. A good example is to run multi day micro surveys to engage customer satisfaction over days or even weeks to increase your participation dramatically. No one wants to do a 5-minute survey but 10 seconds per day every day I login to webmail and hey presto survey complete in a month,

  2. Internal

    Internally charging other departments for promoting and cross selling their products and services, and then reconciling the outcome including the value of the upsell
    Example: 5% of the webmail promotion click throughs resulted in a $5.00 per month subscriber uplift to your faster / bigger / better plan.

  3. External

    As a service provider you very likely have several key strategic partners. Promotion Zones give you the opportunity to on sell the zone to your strategic partners to help them position directly with your customers.

Clever commercialization is all about being relevant. No ads for vitamins, scooters or trucks here just products and services that you care about.

Depending on how you offer the baseline email service, webmail logins could range from around 10% to over 90% of your subscribers. 30% is our global customer average and 100% can be achieved by disabling IMAP for free accounts which is a common clever commercialization tactic. Disabling IMAP helps reduce service desk calls and promotes upselling via Purchase Integration for your subscribers to natively sync their mobile device.

Once enabled you can also offer your privacy conscience customers the option to disable promotion zone. Our service provides the option for your customers to opt out of promotion zones in a single click with Purchase Integration in place.

The choice on how to cleverly commercialize via meaningful targeted use of promotion zone is yours (but we can help 😊)

It's time to make email personal and take your customer relationship from months to decades.