Cleverly commercializing your consumer email services is the next opportunity to help you attract new customers, increase the spend from your existing customers and to retain customers for longer. Email is the foundation of every digital identity.
We understand that moving any IT service is not as straight forward as it appears so we have developed an email service assessment as the best first step. Together with our partner AWS you may be eligible to receive funding for this assessment.
The service is divided into 2 distinct sections. The technology and the business opportunity.

  1. Tech

    Email migrations require careful planning to ensure a successful outcome. Insufficient preparation could result in a loss of data (missing email, contacts, calendars, etc), an extended offline user experience or a host of other issues. Our service is designed to gather all relevant information, identify potential issues and to provide you with guidance for the migration planning and delivery. We have migrated millions of mailboxes over two decades and understand the common pitfalls.

  2. Business case

    When digging into the technical details we will map the discovered information to a compelling business case. This will include expected return on investment calculations along with accurate costings based on the number of mailboxes you operate today.

Reach out to cleverly commercialize your email so you can attract new customers, make more money from your existing customers and retain your customers for longer.

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