At the heart of our email service is the ability for you to offer your customers a one click purchase experience to turn email from a cost center to a profit and customer retention tool. Purchase Integration leverages our well documented application programming interface (API) to connect to your existing billing system securely and reliably. With purchase integration in place your billing system will drive the messaging.

One of the most common examples of purchase integration combined with our Class of Service (CoS) functionality is to charge your customer for increased storage as they require.

Using Fearless Fred as an example and with purchase integration enabled he is notified as he approaches 90% storage usage. This notification can be configured to appear in webmail, as an email or as a message within popular email clients such as Outlook and Mozilla. When the notification is clicked, Fred is presented with the option to upgrade directly within the email experience or from your subscriber management portal. A single click to confirm the plan selection and, the transaction is actioned. Integration to your billing platform along with our class of service function ensures a frictionless transaction.

Our data shows that one in five (20%) of your subscribers will trigger a storage upgrade from the free tier to a paid tier. The first paid tier is generally priced quite low at between $0.99 to $1.99 per month. Additionally, our data also shows that one in twenty subscribers (5%) will likely trigger the heavy use storage allocation which is generally priced at $4.99 or more. Most importantly our purchase integration service puts you in control. You set the storage allocation tiers and pricing to suit your customers. Our class of service breaks the traditional email model of one size fits all. With class of service and billing integration you could opt to link storage allocation to subscriber ARPU. i.e. A customer paying $100 per month might receive more storage than a customer paying $50 per month.

This simple but effective change to telco, carrier and ISP email services can have a very big impact on how email is positioned and viewed within your business.


Purchase Integration

Purchases are not restricted to email features and functions and can be linked to existing services such as broadband plan upgrade options or selecting a new value-added service like managed Wi-Fi. The start point for most customers however is within the email service for simple extensions like additional storage or expanded functionality. Our Purchase Integration API gives you the flexibility to turn on or off features and functions of email as required. You are in control.
The example below shows the data being driven from your billing service via our Purchase Integration API.

Note: Pricing, inclusions and theming are illustrative only.

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