I bet you thought your first ever email address was cool, cleverly thought out and to you… personal. Over time however you likely changed your opinion on how good [email protected] really was. Then along came Hotmail, were all the cool kids were hanging out only to find out that Hotmail also became uncool over time. What is the last stop for your email address? We believe it is personal. [email protected]

With this in mind we architected our cloud service to be multi-tenant meaning we can offer both personalised sub domains (i.e., [email protected] ) or a fully personal domain like your.name@yourdomain from directly within webmail without having to setup a new mail server for each of your customers.

For your existing customers with email services already setup you can leverage our white label DNS service (or integrate yours) to offer your customers a smooth path to a personal and more connected email address and with it the opportunity to retain your customer for decades and even generations. It may very well be the ultimate sticky service offer needed in today’s competitive broadband world.

It is time to grow your mailbox count from a single account per household into several. Getting personal is the key.


In our research we have not found anyone selling domains as a per month ongoing service linked to an email account as the reason for the domain registration. Currently domain name services (DNS) are all per annum billing with a website (getting online) being the primary driver. With personal blogs giving way to the social media giants the need for a personal website has waned. Email on the other hand is increasing in its utility as it continues to mature and be more about official communications with the many services we all need to interact with from car rentals, to government agencies and everything in between. What better way to improve and take control of your digital identity than with a personal domain for your family’s email.

Commercial Example: Personal domains for email.

Rather than offering broadband services at a discounted rate for the first 6 months to attract new customers as is common in the market you could offer a semi-personal domain (sub-domain) to new customers joining on a casual plan or a personal domain to those signing a 12-month agreement. This domain will come with email services automatically configured for that domain requiring no technical configuration to ensure your customer attaches and utilises the email service. We offer migration tools for seamless migration from Gmail and other popular services to assist with making the personal account the primary account. Once engaged with the domain, and with multiple email accounts provisioned for family members, the churn rate will likely drop to zero. Leveraging existing T’s & C’s like you offer with hardware purchases and the monthly repayment, early termination charges would align in a similar fashion.

Personal domains offer you a compelling service to attract new customers, to help you get more money from existing customers (increased ARPU) and to reduce customer churn. A rare win, win, win service offering.

Privacy, the new gold. Take your customers trust to a new level with email privacy extensions.