Atmail Private is an ever-expanding set of functionalities that can be bundled and marketed as you deem appropriate with your customers. Free trails, included with higher paid plans or just promoted via Atmail Promotion Zones the choice of what to include and how much to charge is yours.

4 featured privacy modules are:

Email Relay

An email address + a password = hacker gold.

Given that we know people reuse passwords across multiple services and this behaviour is unlikely to change should this data be compromised so to can your customers digital lives and their trust in you as a service provider. By implementing email private relay, a separation is dynamically created between the 2 when signing up to a new service effectively ‘breaking the chain’ and with it the value of the data. This is done with a unique ID that your customers can set or a default issued to them. They simply sign up to a new service with their unique ID then = whatever they want before the
ie: [email protected]

Once created all communication with that service will be unique to that email address (not your primary email address) and as such can be tracked and removed if compromised. Better yet if the password for that service is compromised in a data breach, is it not able to be linked back to the originating email and as such re use of the email + password combination is dramatically negated.

Tracking block

Most advanced marketing emails now contain tracking pixels which provide the sender with valuable information about who opened the email, how many times the email was opened and what sections of the email were interacted with the most. Atmail Tracking Block visually puts a notification within webmail to advise your customer that the email tracking has been blocked. A simple and elegant value add for your subscribers that you can turn on and off per email.

Data Breach Warning

Data breaches are becoming more common place and show no signs of slowing down. Atmail Data Breach Warning service informs your subscribers if their email address has been listed on the dark web and presents a comprehensive FAQ on the severity of the breach and what steps they should take to minimise any potential damage.

Verified Sender*

Is that email really from who I think it is from? Verifying the sender of an email as being legitimate or not comes in a few forms.

  1. From a business POV. Is it really PayPal sending me this message or is it someone pretending to be PayPal? Atmail verified sender leverages the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) protocol so your email subscribers will clearly see which commercial messages are from real business and which are not.
  2. In reverse from a personal POV can the business or other person you are sending an email to verify it is really from you? Leveraging BIMI once again along with a unique but the same NFT, stored on a Blockchain combines to form what we call Carrier Certified Communication (CCC) as a new gold standard for verifying a person’s digital identity leveraging the subscriber information you already have. Let’s make digital identity easy.

*CCC feature is currently in development.

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